revisit some special blog posts …

Hello lovelies! It’s been a POPPING year! Weddings, Corporate Events, Expos, social parties … we’ve been busy, busy bees.

So on this Friday, before another big weekend, I thought we’d take a moment to revisit some awesome posts from the past.

Lie to your Wedding Vendor?

An Open Letter to Wedding Church Coordinators

Prince William and Kate’s Wedding Planner

How to Save Money Planning your Wedding

And most recently, I was featured as a guest blogger on Phone Surgeons website. They are an awesome startup company that has expanded throughout the U.S. Most importantly, they fix my iPhone. A geek at heart, hope you’ll enjoy the read about my favorite phone and computer apps that truly save my life. It has nothing to do about weddings, just #realtalk.

Apps that Keep Me SANE!

plan on! xo xo

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