securing your weddings rings …

There are lots of ideas where to put your wedding rings before you walk down the aisle. One of our clients actually had a small little safe, (with the actual rings in it) and the older ring bearer (or “ring security”) walked them down the aisle!

Aren’t they precious?


here are your tips:

do …

  1. Leave them in the pretty boxes until you need them and in a secure location.
  2. Get them out until just before the ceremony.
  3. Place is to place it on your finger, thumb, wherever.

do not …

  1. Forget them at the house or hotel room.
  2. Put them in your tux pocket, best man. If you have a hole in your rented text it will dissapear in your liner.
  3. Tie your real wedding rings to your ring bearer’s pillow or your ring dog.

What are you going to do?

feature photo credit: jesse and gena weddings

plan on!