patriotic garters

Fourth of July is coming up soon! It’s my favorite holiday for many reasons, one of which it is also my wedding anniversary.

So I was intrigued when I stumbled across these beautiful Patriotic Garters designed by The Garter Girl (Julianne Smith). Her garters are so awesome, we featured her designs on Fox 7 Wedding Planner segment.

She makes the most incredible garters…quality, detailed and beautiful.

You MUST visit her etsy store …. It is full of garter goodness.

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…bringing sexy back

When brides go shopping for their wedding dress they will definitely look at ALL angles of their wedding dress, but usually a lot of attention to detail is focused on the front of their wedding dress.

What if though, the back of your dress was the THE focal point? We’ve had a couple of brides that pulled that look off beautifully!

kristin gross duke wedding dress

photo: Straub Photography

Above is our bride,  Kristin Gross Duke, she married Zach Duke who’s a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. She is a vivacious little thing with a terrific figure! The back of her dress, while gorgeous from the front, was definitely the show-stopper. If you wish to read about her wedding, we blogged the last few days.

kerry sturm brames wedding dressThen there is our most recent bride, Kerry Strum Brames (we’ll be featuring her wedding shortly). Kerry is a very articulate and intelligent person who is not shy, but certainly holds herself with decorum and modest character.

Who better to pull off this incredibly, sexy dress? My jaw dropped when I saw it. So gorgeous and uber fabulous. The front was pretty…. but the back was INCREDIBLE.

(And you can see why I’m not a photographer, I stopped her in the hall of the church to take a photo really quick and didn’t notice the crock pot behind her. *sigh*)

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

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how to wear your mother’s wedding dress

It’s the dreaded question that you don’t want to hear from your mother before your wedding. Especially when you are the only girl in the family. “Will you wear my wedding dress”? asks your mom.


You know you want to make her happy and certainly don’t want to hurt her feelings, but come ‘on….every girl wants to pick out their own dress!

My bride this weekend, came up with a solution. It is a freakin’ brilliant idea and I don’t know why I (after 5 years of planning weddings) haven’t thought of it sooner.

wear your mother’s dress to your REHEARSAL!

Jessica Mills’ mother, Vicki, wanted to see her wedding dress on her daughter and watch “it” walk down the aisle at least one time! So Jessica wore it to the rehearsal (of course she changed later before the rehearsal dinner). It was so much fun to see an old fashioned (sorry Vicki) dress on a beautiful young lady. And Jessica’s wedding party  thought it was so much fun!

Jessica in her Mom's wedding dress

Jessica in her Mom’s wedding dress

Jessica is sweet and sassy in Vicki's dress!

Jessica is sweet and sassy in Vicki’s dress!

And here is another crazy idea….

take a formal photo shoot..

Call your photographer for a formal wedding shoot. Or when you are taking your engagement photos, slip on your Mom’s wedding dress and have a few professional shots taken. Give it to your Mom as a wedding present.

I love fun ideas that can make everyone happy.

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gown bustling

tip on bustling your wedding gown…

Make sure you bring someone with you to the store when you learn how to bustle your gown. Ideally this will be your maid of honor or at least someone who will be available at the reception. Have this person take a really close look at the hooks and threads to ensure that they are sturdy, if they aren’t, ask the store to replace them. You may want to practice yourself when the dress is hanging. You want to be sure this isn’t left to chance….or it can be very frustrating on your wedding day!

feature photo credit: andrew roberson photography

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