wedding cake fail …

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Here is 2,000 for you:



Yes, this really happened. It was a summer wedding and a 120 heat index. Unfortunately oppressive weather conditions can affect everything. Flowers, people, and … well, your wedding cake.

The humidity simply wore down the sugar, flour and icing. It was a first for us. Ten years and we have never had a cake actually fall on the floor.

Couple of hints for hot weather and wedding cakes:

  1. Always go with a professional cake baker/designer. (This hint is steadfast, no matter what the weather is)
  2. Do not select any fillings inside the cake.
  3. Talk to your cake baker, get his/her input if the cake you chose will withstand the high humidity and heat. Listen to their advice.
  4. Do they have the proper transportation to get the cake to the reception? (if they are professional, they should)

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding or event and as the planners, we were grateful this happened while the guests were at the ceremony. We had everything cleaned up and served the groom’s cake and desserts !!

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dessert table at your wedding

Move over wedding cake, here comes the dessert table.

Nothing says yummy like a Donut Bar … the whole room smelled like one big ball of yeast, sugar and sweet deliciousness.

Our clients, Angie and Travis Wayne were excited about not having a traditional wedding cake at their reception, they love donuts.

We were thrilled with the idea!

If you are up for doing something different like this then be sure to keep these few tips in mind:

  • Remember DISPLAY is where it is at …. this isn’t a picnic. Go for the upscale platters (you can reuse them at Thanksgiving), rent the vintage cake plateaus, go above and beyond.
  • Use SIGNAGE to display what the dessert items are so people don’t get confused. (Hello food allergies)
  • Remember LOGISTICS in planning. Where are you going to store all these pies or the ice cream? How will you keep it cold, warm, etc?
  • Make sure someone is SERVING or a waitstaff is monitoring the table. You wouldn’t want your guests cutting their own slices of pie or scooping ice cream.  This also keeps the guests from “grazing”. Definition: graz·ing/ˈgrāziNG/ – An clueless guest who picks up food off a platter on a catering table and proceeds to eat said food over other untouched and sanitary food. Please escort them from the premises.
  • Make it PERSONAL. Imagine getting a baker to make your deceased grandmother’s special chocolate chip cookie. You could proudly display that AND include recipes to give out to your guests. Unless of course your grandmother’s recipe is top secret.

I’m not done looking at donuts…


Wow. My mouth is watering. Wouldn’t you love to have a Donut Bar? Any other ideas?

photo credit: Chris Berneking the official Wayne Wedding Photographer

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

Watch the Local 7 Wedding Planner Saundra Hadley discuss this subject on TV.

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lie to your wedding vendor?

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. (and apparently I’m a 150 years old by using that phrase).

Surfing the Internets I found this (ahem) gem of a post (by an author, I can only assume is NOT a wedding professional) suggesting to brides to LIE to their vendors to get better deals on their wedding…. (her quote)

“…when dealing with certain vendors I have a better word that gives you, the bride/groom, more wiggle room: LIE.”

Let’s let that sink in for a moment. Nobody likes to be deceived. Not brides. And NOT vendors.

People believe that if the word “wedding” is attached to products/services that it will cost you more money.

There is some truth to that, but you have delve further for clarification. WHY?

Weddings are as unique as the bride and groom. They are intensely more important than your average party. Therefore, expectations run high, as well as labor and materials to create your vision. Specific materials are requested. Therefore, so may the cost of your products/services be increased. You have to compare apples to apples.

Does this make sense?

What this author so ineptly missed was that ordering the exact same flowers that sit in a vase (for a corporate lunch centerpiece) IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the exact same flowers put together in a bridal bouquet that will not fall apart a few hours into photos.

Are we really comparing the two? I think I’m being punk’d.

It’s called LABOR, EXPERIENCE and additional MATERIAL. It’s much more than just, (author’s quote, wait for it)..

“The only difference is how the flowers are held together”.

No kidding. If you could see my face.

There is an art to creating a wedding bouquet of flowers. Stems need to be wired together, floral tape strategically used (so it doesn’t show) to keep the bouquet from falling apart. And the most important thing, it takes labor, experience and material. When running a business, these things are not free.

Would you want to come to work for your employer on an 8 hour shift and then only be paid for 6 hours? Um, no.

There are more flaws in her theories to saving money with regards to limo companies. If you ran a limo company, you would have to charge a minimum of hours (standard in this area is two hours). Put it this way, would you want your wedding limo making another run while you are getting married? What if there is traffic? What if you want to leave the church early? Poof! No limo. Not going to fly at a wedding. Not when you have other vendors (photographer, videographer, catering, DJ) on the clock waiting for the bride and groom.

Finally, (as if this cannot get anymore epic) when she targeted cake bakers, (I prefer cake designers). What type of scary wedding cake is she suggesting?

“Have a half sheet placed on top of a full sheet and decorate away. It will come out costing less than the full scale wedding cake and you’ll get just as many ooohs and aaahs.”

On what planet will that get “ooohs and aaahs”? A two layer sheet cake that is abnormal in size? Ever try to put together a four tier wedding cake? You want to talk about labor, experience and material … I’ve DEALT WITH the tilted DIY wedding cakes that we had to cut early or the guests would be scooping their dessert off the floor.

Please, please, please, PLEASE KNOW…

Wedding vendors work tirelessly for your wedding. While weddings may be a “billion dollar industry”, one or two vendors are not making that kind of money. While there are some unscrupulous wedding vendors out there (what industry doesn’t have those jerks). The majority of us aren’t out to gauge, lie or steal from you. We make a living and help you achieve a beautiful day to remember.

Oh, and we work our a$$es off doing it.

You can read her full article here.

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yummmm….groom’s cakes!

Groom’s cakes, a tradition started in the south, is still a favorite among brides in the Midwest. Traditionally the cake was a gift from the bride to the groom and it was packaged individually for wedding guests to take home after the reception.

Now the groom’s cake has morphed into it depicting the groom’s favorite activities or interests. One thing for sure, while the couple’s cake is regal, the groom’s cake is downright fun! Here are few from some of our past weddings:

creative groom's cakes

creative groom's cakes still popular!

fun groom's cakes

A couple of good ideas if you want to buy your groom a cake:

  1. Keep it a surprise. All six cakes above were a total surprise to the respective groom’s; and they LOVED it!!!
  2. If you have a large cake for your wedding, consider giving the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner.
  3. If you love tradition and want all your guests to see the groom’s cake at the wedding reception, be sure to plan ahead and keep the box it was delivered in. 10 out of 10 times you’ll be bringing that whole cake home with you that evening.
  4. Finally, a cute way to get rid of some cake is buy small “wedding cake favor bags”. Have your caterer cut up the remainder of your wedding/groom cake and insert slices into these clear bags. Strategically place these by the exit door and guests can grab one as they are leaving the reception.


anyone care for old slice of wedding cake?

If you want a piece (tee hee) of Princess Diana’s wedding, today is your lucky day!

A slice of Diana’s wedding cake that has been preserved for 27 years in a former servant’s attic (yuk) is going on auction today! They are expecting it to yeild up to £20,000. For old, stale, 27 year old cake.

The cake slice has the crest on it, which makes it very valuable (well of course!) and it also comes with a letter from Princess Diana (now we’re talking).

I guess everyone’s gotta be doing something (that’s what I say when I don’t understand things).

Good luck to the winning bidder!

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