few tips for the last week before your wedding…

Had a great conversation with Laura Kirtley about her last week before the wedding. Of course, there are a zillion more things to do before your big day, but time did not allow. Hope you enjoy.

Click here for the video.

plan on! 


wedding buzz tip :: plan b

This is an emergency wedding buzz tip for you, because of all the crazy weather expected in the tri-state this weekend. Outdoor events are going to have a tough time. Have you implemented or thought out your Plan B?

Watch this…

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wedding buzz tip :: crazy family

Because sometimes, “real talk” is the only way. Wedding Buzz tip for you … how to deal with some questionably sane family and friends.

Ever come across this? Come ‘on, you fess up …

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behind the scenes… BLOOPERS

On Friday we launched our fabulous, year-in-the-making Behind the Scenes video.

Thank you all for the positive response on Facebook, Twitter and here.

But here is the best part. The Blooper Reel……  let us know what you think!

There are no words.

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behind the scenes, wedding planner…

We are happy as a dog with a bone to show you a project that has been one year in the making (actually conceptualized two years ago).

With our good friends, Garrette and Amber Baird with Eyenamics (cannot thank these awesome filmmakers enough!) we present to you a Behind the Scenes video of my planning team, studio and my personal family. Only #realtalk and I really hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment, I would love to have your feedback! Be sure to come back on Monday for The Blooper Reel.

You KNOW I would have to have a blooper reel. Cannot miss the opportunity to poke fun at myself.

plan on!