seeing each other before the wedding ceremony :: part one

This week’s blog series we will be discussing the pro’s of a controversial wedding subject, “Whether or not the bride and groom should see each other before the wedding.” This topic can be a real heated debate among brides & grooms, family and friends.

author disclaimer

Before we begin exploring this debate, please take into consideration this author’s disclaimer. As a planner, I firmly believe that it is up to you to make the final decision whether to see or not see each other. It makes me, nor any other wedding vendor (namely the photographer) any difference on how you would like your wedding day to unfold. This series is going to be based upon real couples and experiences that we see every weekend. I encourage you to read with an open mind, however you should make your final decision that works best for you and your fiance/finacee.

how did this tradition start?

To put this debate into perspective, it may help to know how this tradition started. It came directly from when marriages were arranged by parents. The first time the bride and groom EVER saw each other was literally at the altar.

Kinda makes this time-old and cherished tradition a bit silly, no? There is no such thing as, “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” Some egghead made that saying up and it has totally stuck. The person should get residuals every time someone says it!

So tomorrow, we’re going to explore ways to see each other before the wedding, but still make it something special and not just another typical day.

featured photo credit: andrew robertson photography

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best places for engagement photos near evansville, indiana

We polled several photographers in the area for the best places for engagement photos. New Harmony, Indiana seemed to be everyone’s preference.
Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie and Roddy are getting married October 4th and they are our clients. Aren’t they adorable laying down at the Labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana?

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

A simple shot, in front of an old fence….love it! Great job Jeanne with Equinox Photography!

We love Jordan (with Jordan Barclay Photography), who is artistic and creative. He took this shot at the Garden of the Gods at University of Southern Indiana. Beautiful backdrop!

photographer: Courtney Metzger

photographer: Courtney Metzger

Locally everyone knows who Studio B is (out of Mt. Vernon, Indiana). One of my favorite photographers there is Courtney. She took this photo at a fountain in New Harmony, Indiana.

photographer: Daniel Knight

photographer: Daniel Knight

The really neat thing about Studio B is that they actually have a 17 acre portrait park. How convenient is that? This photo was taken by the owner, Daniel Knight.

Be creative and personal with your engagement photos, you’ll enjoy them for years to come!

love your wedding photographer

This is a special series as to why you should “love your wedding vendors”, you can read the intro here to catch you up to speed.

Today we are going to talk about your wedding photographer.

Let’s face it, photographers get a lot of credit and attention as a wedding vendor. Look at what they produce? They capture moments as they happen, setup gorgeous scenes and help us look fabulous (thank God for Photoshop, no?).

Our clients don’t make snap decisions when choosing their photographers. Why should they? Often their pictures are all they have for visual memories. Again, this is a key player at your wedding so you’ll want to feel comfortable and confident in your photographer’s ability.

Reasons why you should love your wedding photographer?

  1. Even though they have to carry around heavy bags of multiple cameras, they will keep on smiling throughout the day.
  2. While they have to be uber creative, they have to really be good with people too!
  3. They get a lot of work done under tremendous time pressure. Client-created-timelines sometimes aren’t as accurate as they should be (1 hour allotted for pictures after the wedding but there are at least 50 important family pictures to take). There just isn’t enough time for a human being to get all those shots!
  4. They have to work around your guest-amateur photo-enthusiast Aunt Martha that stands behind them with her camera taking their posed shots (did you know the flashes on her camera makes their large professional flashes go off)? This makes the portrait photos sessions go longer!
  5. Rarely getting to eat, except a quick bite, they are on their feet and surprisingly everywhere so they won’t miss an important shot.
  6. Mindful of your family, they work quicker when your grandmother and grandfather are standing for shots.
  7. Somehow they are able to get your ceremony pictures even though your wedding Officiant does not allow flash photography during your service.
  8. A professional photographer’s mind will always be working to setup creative shots, even if it requires them to visit the ceremony site they’ve never worked.

Behind the scenes:

This is a great story one of my photographer friends told me about a wedding she photographed this past summer. Apparently there was a church coordinator involved who was suppose to line up the wedding party before the ceremony (you know, the freebie coordinator). The photographer told her to wait until she got down to the altar before she sent the parents down the aisle. Church coordinator didn’t. Why? Who knows, but as soon as the photographer turned around she sent the parents down anyway. Missed shot for the photographer!

Then the church coordinator sent down the bridesmaids AND THE BRIDE before the minister, groom and groomsmen were out on the altar. Oy veh! What a mess! The photographer was close to the backroom so she slipped in to tell them they need to get out there. That’s when the minister said, “What the hell is going on”? Oh….did I forget to mention he was mic’d and it was turned on…so the whole congregation heard him. (forgive me for laughing here).

Missing those shots…the parents coming down the aisle, the bride coming down the aisle to meet her groom (oh, oops! he’s not there)….really upset my photographer friend, even though she knows it’s not her fault.

For her perseverance, restraint in not bodily harming the church coordinator and a-can-do-attitude, you gotta love your wedding photographer.

Tomorrow: love your wedding cake designer

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trash the dress article in weddings 2008

We are so lucky to be asked to contribute every year to the local wedding magazine; Weddings 2008 published by the Evansville Courier & Press. For the past five years we have wrote articles that would be of interest to the local brides/grooms in the area.

This past issue is no exception. Three of our stories made the cover; and we are pretty excited about it.

trash the dress article in weddings 2008

Now just in CASE you couldn’t make out our stories….we helped you out by circling them in red. 🙂

If you have a moment you’ll want to take a look the local photographers who have actually done a Trash the Dress session (my favorite story)!!!! Not bad for little ‘ole Evansville, Indiana. Heidi Wagner with Eye Candy Photography and Jeannie Turnock with Equinox Photography. I hope I cited all the names correctly in the article…of course giving props to Mark Eric with and the person who coined the original TTD phrase, John Michael Cooper with alt f photography.

Please enjoy the articles…you can get them here in our media section.


choosing a wedding photographer

This morning’s wedding segment we talked about wedding photography. Now I won’t bore you with what to ask a photographer when interviewing them (there are a 1,001 questionaires out there). I’m going to give you some advice straight from an experienced planner’s mouth:

1. Make sure you find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. Besides your planner, that is the one vendor you’ll be spending the most time with. So, if you’ve narrowed down your choices to 2 different photographers – and the packages are about the same – then choose the one that you really “click with” the most. Trust me, your day will go much easier and you’ll relax more.

2. Find out the photographer’s style. Not just the types of pictures he/she takes but his/her approach to the day. Ask for references and ask the bride/groom about that. Again, while budget is important this is critical to you being happy on that day.

3. Finally, try not to interview too many photographers in the same day. Let’s face it, the pics will all run together and you will be more confused.

4. I lied, one more point. Please don’t believe the hype that you don’t have to use a “wedding photographer” for weddings…that it will save you tons of money to use any type of photographer. Capturing a wedding on film is an art. There is no do-overs. You can’t ask the bride/groom to re-kiss at the altar because you missed the shot. You need (seriously, NEED) a photographer that is experienced at weddings. They know the flow and can also anticipate the next event.

featured photo credit: jesse and gena photography

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