morning after your wedding photos …

Is there a new trend for wedding photography? There may just be.

Have your wedding photographer come to your hotel suite for a potentially sexy “Morning After” photo session. Just the bride, groom and your photog. At least that is what the article said.

Intrigued to learn more, I contacted the photographer, Michelle Jonne. She gave me the low-down on this super cool concept:

“The Morning After” does not take place the night or next day of your wedding for multiple reasons: 1) we respect the wedding night and do not want to photograph any sexual acts 2) we do NOT want to photograph couples that are hung over 3) the photos are done in a tasteful manner and are meant to be implied, playful, sensual, edgy and tasteful all in one. The Morning After not only has to be for newlyweds but any couple in love and wants to capture it.  I think it can be used as a tool to re-ignite the fire in ones relationship, celebrate an anniversary.

I totally concur, Michelle. Now at first I was a little doubtful. But realize this is more of a staged photo shoot and is a just a beautiful reflection of a couple’s love. Whether you want it to round out the wedding photo album or frame on your bedroom wall around your anniversary.

Check out this love that Michelle captured:

What do you think? Would you be up for it?

photo credit: michelle jonne photography 
featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

ps You should know that most wedding couples are usually so tired from partying the night before that the morning of starting new lives together is when they actually get to, er, consummate the marriage. Now THAT would be a whole different type of photography session. 🙂

steaming it up with boudoir photo …

Boudoir photography. Intimate photography. Steamy photos. Everyone has a different name for it, but it all comes down to one thing.

Sizzling, yummy, sexy, classy photos of a beautiful woman.

This concept has been around a long time. My sister-in-law had hers taken waaaay back in the early 90’s. We teased her then, but she LOVES them now. It’s a permanent reminder of herself back in her prime (going to get an email for that comment).

For the few of you that don’t know what we’re talking about…. it’s an opportunity to take beautiful photos, like a model, that are tasteful, but sexy. Let’s just say. Thank God for professional makeup and Photoshop.

This is a perfect gift for your groom or husband on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Earth Day, Groundhog’s Day…. you get the idea. They are going to love it. No matter what “day” it is.

We’re excited that more local photographers are doing this type of shooting her locally. Here’s a few to look at…

Matt with Matt Vickers Photography has his own unique style …

Andrea Walker takes beautiful photos with Walker Studio….

Don’t let the lingerie intimidate you. If that’s not your style, talk to your photographer. Tousled hair, professional makeup and a guy’s dress shirt.

Let YOUR OWN personality show through.

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

ps Thank you Matt and Andrea for the photos. BEAUTIFUL!

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pretty engagement photos

We believe it should be a priority to get to know your photographer by investing in the engagement photos. It helps all of you relax and get to know each other (especially when many people have anxiety about having a camera in their face). Once you trust each other, the wedding day is a breeze.

For your visual fun, check out our clients Whitney + Tyson who are tying the knot on August 7th later this year. We also are doing the design and decor and cannot wait for their wedding day.


incredible photographer: Equinox Photography

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do not box in your wedding photographer :: part three

Part Three of our “don’t box us in” five part series about your wedding vendors!

If you have ever read this blog, you know how much we heart wedding photographers. We post about them often! We may be an intricate part of creating the memories but they are capturing them, forever!

Your wedding photographer will want to schedule a meeting with you to review the timeline, nuances and review the photos that you want to capture on your wedding day. This has evolved into creating a “shoot list” that your photographer will list all the photos you want, such as:

Bride and Groom at Altar

Bride and Groom with Bride’s Parents

Bride and Groom with Groom’s Parents

….and so on.

Not a bad idea, your photographer doesn’t want to miss an important photo that you want. However for your consideration, look at the points below.

Tips for the best outcome working with your wedding photographer:

1. Definitely have an important list for your photographer (you favorite Aunt that you haven’t seen in 20 years coming to see you), they will want to know that. But try not to make this ghastly long list that requires your photographer to be reading from a piece of paper instead of pointing and shooting your wedding.

2. If you are of the more traditional type and have a large wedding party and family, do not think that it is possible to shoot this long list of photos in 45 minutes. It’s not humanly possible, no matter how fast your photographer says they can shoot. You are setting them up for failure, stress on your wedding party and yourselves, especially when timing is tight.

3. If your wedding is later in the day or early evening and you do not want to see each other before you walk down the aisle (read our series on this issue), but adore those outdoor casual shots, understand that may not be impossible. We can’t stop the sun from going down, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. We’ve had many clients in this scenario (although we warned them) told us after their wedding day that they wished they had listened to us. Due to weather, timing, or the sun setting, they were never able to get those outdoor shots. There are no do-overs in weddings.

Trust your wedding photographer.

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

Tomorrow, part 4 of this “don’t box us in” vendor series

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unique engagement sessions…

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways you can really get to know your photographer(s). Instead of heading out in jeans and a shirt to the local park, why not think of something really creative?

Take a look at these fabulous photos (and there are tons more) taken by Robert and Kathleen Photographers who are located in Connecticut. Their subjects are Candice & Michael. Just so happens I know Candice who is owner of Jubilee Events, having met her personally and enjoy getting to know her better online. What fun it has been watching her run a wedding planning business and planning her own wedding.

Her engagement shots blew me away. Not only the photographers’ artistry, but the sheer orginiality and class (which is totally her). Take a peek and be sure to click off to Robert and Kathleen’s website for more.



Here are few tips to help your creative juices for your engagement photos:

  1. Look at photographer’s blogs (on a national level) to get some ideas.
  2. Talk to your fiance/fiancee and discuss what you really like to do and incorporate your hobby into your engagement photo session.
  3. Take a cue from Candice, who scheduled her engagement session on the same day that she did a trial run for her hair and makeup. Genius!
  4. Bring lots of changes of clothes.
  5. Talk to your photographer and let them know what you are thinking…they may have some ideas to share that you would have never thought about.