happy easter 2014!

We wish everyone a happy and beautiful Easter with your family and friends.

Hide the bunnies.


This is Meyer Hermann, sweet and adorable son of our past clients Katie and Andy Hermann. He was only six months old when he held this little bunny down for his Easter photo.

Makes us smile, every year.

plan on! xo xo

happy thanksgiving 2013

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very thankful and delicious Thanksgiving. We are open limited hours this week due to the holidays.

gobble gobble

You should try making one of these adorable cookie desserts which we found here. The real turkeys would appreciate it.

featured photo credit: jordan barclay photography

gobble. gobble.


happy halloween!

This is my #husbandwonder and I for Halloween in 2004.

You’re welcome.

bride and groom halloween

plan on!

what irritates me about christmas…

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post:  ten reasons why santa sucks. It merrily went viral throughout the blogosphere.

So today, I’d like to ressurect that blog post for your amusement and add a few more things about what down-right drives me crazy about the Christmas holiday. I write this blog post as my gingerbread cookies are baking in the oven and my beautiful tree is in the corner of my living room (lest you think I’m bah-hum-bug).

  • The craziness of buying presents. I’ll be the first to agree I have fallen for this. The pressure of giving a gift because someone else is giving you a gift. And take a look at all the retail crap that come out in the stores. Loads and loads of useless toys or gifts that make no absolutely no sense, but we grab them up. We’ve lost all sense of what is important.
  • My tree is bigger than your tree. Along the lines of the point above, I find it interesting to watch people’s photos of their trees on Facebook. Just this week I saw one photo taken from a corporate executive’s personal home that was huge and STUFFED full of gifts underneath. Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, many were fired from said corporate executive’s company, due to downsizing and bad economy. I’m happy this executive will have a full and exciting holiday.
  • Bell ringers. Holy holly balls… seriously. The obnoxious Salvation Army bell ringers should be banned (they are discriminatory if you haven’t heard, towards community civil rights and the hiring of mentally challenged people). One bell ringer outside my favorite locally owned grocery store (take that WalMart), has a ringer that is unbelievable. He rings louder, faster and harder every time you walk by. As soon as I pass him he stops ringing. I may just start boycotting stores that allow the bell ringers. They don’t encourage me to give my extra change, instead I want to donkey kick them.
  • Christmas shoppers are psycho. What physical item could be so important, that another human being would pepper spray another human being in order to buy the item? Apparently that item would be a video game. Not food, because your family is starving. Nope. Half off a $60 video game. Really? REALLY?
  • Retail businesses are starting too early. Black Friday turned into a fiasco this year. It used to be you would get up before dawn and head out to your favorite Big Box stores for some great Christmas deals. It is the starting block for the Christmas buying season. If you knew anything about retail and the concept of “loss leaders” most of you would stay in bed. However this year proved to be, on the Richter scale of craziness, an 11.1. For starters, the stores started opening at midnight. It was a domino effect … one store decided to open super early and the others followed. The poor employees were not able to enjoy their own Thanksgiving with their families in order to open up the stores. It was a shame. So I boycotted them all that day.

Now I don’t want to ruin your holiday, just suggest a small reminder of what is important. Let’s remember what this holiday should be above. Gratefulness, love, compassion, generosity and the excitement of little children. (Take some asprin tomorrow morning, you’ll need it).

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone



a little Christmas poem …

Guest blogger …

Craig Sumsky, Director of Cutting Edge Entertainment
Twitter: cuttingedgedjs


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when he asked for her hand,

And shortly thereafter a wedding was planned.

They first looked at places for a reception so grand,

Then pondered the question “A DJ or Band?”

They wanted things festive, classy and fun,

And with that thought in mind the search had begun.

They first shopped for bands and their music was nice,

But they took pause to book them because of the price.

So they met with a DJ and booked him with haste,

With a wide range of music for everyone’s taste.

So they planned and they planned for the big wedding day,

And they picked out the songs for the DJ to play.

The DJ had all of the tunes that they chose,

With the radio versions that everyone knows.

And when the time came for the big wedding night,

The DJ introduced them and said the names right.

The guests all were dancing and then danced some more,

And they danced the whole evening til’ their feet were sore.

And when it was over, and the music was done,

The guests all agreed it was sure lots of fun.


Thank you Craig, that was an awesome poem!

happy holidays everyone!

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