country chic wedding decor

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth on Super Bride Sunday!

It was a great time seeing all the excited brides. In case you couldn’t make it, we wanted to show you our country chic wedding decor we created just for the special occasion.

Because photos are much better than reading about it, let’s get going …

If you liked these designs, contact us. We help you design your look and theme and help with all the details of your wedding that can be overlooked!

photos: pfe iPhone

plan on!


madeline + terry :: the hines center wedding, owensboro, kentucky

A farmer’s daughter’s wedding … the day was nothing short of sweet, personal and gorgeous.

wedding photos: dream copy photography

meghan + patrick :: private farm wedding. owensboro, kentucky

A daddy’s girl with a strong bond with family. Meghan and Patrick knew how to enjoy life and invited their friends and families for a wedding on the family farm!

wedding photos: jordan barclay

natalie + rodney :: posey county wedding

A country wedding with a wonderful, modern twist. In Posey County, these guests were ah-mazed!

wedding photos: equinox photography