last chance to VOTE

Forget the 2008 Elections.

The contest is ON for my dog Ranger!!! (see below for more details)



It is a tight race between him and another dog…..

Voting is easy and it only takes a minute. Be sure to authenticate your email address or the vote won’t count. (they take your info to make sure that you are a real person).

Just click here:

If you’ve already voted….we could use your vote again! And it’s for a great cause!

PS I’d like to apologize for being so self-serving, but I seriously love my dog, so I can’t. And this is my blog. Promise to talk about planning tomorrow! Wait. That’s the last day you can vote. Hmmm……


ranger’s winning


Yes. We really should be talking about events.

Like the Energy Summit yesterday that went off flawlessly! It was such a great event, so many details and 20 presenters, including Governor Daniels who spoke about how we can clean up coal in Indiana … was quite an undertaking and I enjoyed every minute of it.

But let’s talk about something fun. What about my cute puppy (see picture above). He’s wants to be Grand Marshall of the WagnBrag Walk sponsored by the local Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Voting is easy and it only takes a minute. Be sure to authneticate your email address or the vote won’t count. You can once day until SEPTEMBER 4TH. Ranger is going to donate $100 to the VHS if he wins!

Just click here:

congratulations to our super bride winners !

Congratulations to:

Audrey Merkley and Amanda Moore
They are our winners of the TWO Pre Planning Wedding Packages and a free engagement sessions donated by Eye Candy Photography!!!