vote for a hot husband!

Well, I’m asking you to vote for someone else’s hot husband.

Our very own local peeps Shawnda McNeal and her hot husband (her words) Dave Huffman have been selected as a finalist in Katie Couric’s Show.

Um, hello? How cool is that? Evansville’s own!!!!

Now I know the both of them personally and would love for you take two seconds to vote for them. Super Awesome Alert: you don’t have to sign up or anything.

Just click on VOTE UP underneath Dave and Shawnda Huffman. To make it even easier, they are first on the list. And if you have a moment, take a look at their video they created. You’ll understand why I have such an affection for them both.

I don’t know what they win, I’m secretly hoping it will include a tiara and banner for Dave to wear around town or at our next social media club meeting. Whatever it is, I just want them to go big!

Thanks everyone!


… and the winner is …

We like to thank all of our contestants who participated in our Wedding Day Management Service contest. All of the couples are fabulous and deserve to win!

So, without further ado, the winner is:

Katelyn Clevidence + Andrew Crowe

A little background; we have never given away a service like this in a form of a contest. Our motivation was to give back and generate a little buzz about our company in the community, which we have proudly served for the past eight years in weddings, corporate events, and non-profit groups.

an unfortunate, but necessary disclaimer:

As some of you know (or will now know), we did hit a small snafu with the online voting application. The contest rules clearly states that there should be one vote, per computer. A few computer geniuses figured out a work around and cheated the system by doing multiple votes on the same computer. Luckily, the application tracked each vote down to the date, hour, minute second and respective IP address. So when you have a votes that are within ten seconds apart, assigned to the same IP address, it’s really, quite easy to see illegal votes. The volume of votes during some of these sessions were remarkable, the sheer patience it must have taken the hacker.

Rest assured, once we realized this was happening, we contacted all of the contestants off-line. Since every contestant had a loved one that thought it would be cool to do circumvent the system, we decided to the only fair way was to select a final winner by cross-referencing three different methods. 1. The voting application on the website, that is posted 2. Using the back-end log system by removing all multiple IP addresses and 3. Using the back-end log system to remove only voting sessions that were obviously cheating the system. After pouring over 106 pages of individual votes, the CLEAR winner was the same couple, using all three methods. We sincerely apologize that the third-party, voting system failed to stop hackers from voting illegally. We are disappointed to think we have had our own online “wedding-gate scandal”. This must have been how the politicians felt with their “dimpled chads”.

However this too shall pass. To the many of you that took the time to legally vote for your favorite couple, we truly appreciate you and am sure that they do as well. We look forward to serving all of our clients in 2012, including the winning couple.

plan on!


contest alert: win a wedding planning service!

Hold on to your bridal bouquets, because we have a fabulous announcement if you’re getting married. We are pleased to offer this once in a lifetime chance… If you’re getting married and getting stressed out… Wait for it…

a contest to win a


Wedding Day Management Service

from planning…forever events

(the most awesome event engineers that you will ever meet)

We haven’t offered anything like this since 2003. It’s time to give back. Economy is tight. 2012 is the End of the World. We’re a little crazy. Whatever! You benefit.


Wedding Day Management is a “you plan, we implement” wedding service. Approximately 6-8 weeks before the wedding we will meet and review all your planning and capture your wedding plans. We’ll create timelines and contact your vendors and take the last minute planning and details off your hands! We are present at rehearsal and on your wedding day, implementing all your plans and allowing you to feel like a guest at your own wedding. Oh yes! It’s fantastic!

Here’s the CATCH (there is always one, isn’t there?): You have to do a little work to be eligible to win this contest. That’s right, you can’t appreciate a gift like this if you don’t put in a little effort.

Be sure to read through the following thoroughly. Any entries that omit anything will not be eligible or considered.




  • You must write us a 500-word essay as to why you would want/need the Wedding Day Management Service. Be creative. Be unique. Sell us on why we should be at your wedding, serving you.
  • You will email your entry to staff (at) . Your submission should be in a regular email.
  • Your entry email MUST INCLUDE all of the following (or your entry will not be considered): bride’s first & last name, groom’s first & last name, your email address, your cell phone number, the date of your wedding, your ceremony location, your reception location, how many expected guests.
  • Your entry email MUST INCLUDE vendors that you have selected: photographer, videographer, DJ or Band, caterer, florist.
  • Include at least one photo of the bride and groom, together.
  • All submissions must be received by November, 30, 2011 by 6:00pm


HOW TO WIN:(this is the good stuff)


  • On Monday, December 5th the top THREE entries (selected by the planning…forever events staff) and will be posted on this blog. This will include your entry email/essay and photo of the bride/groom.
  • Top THREE contestants will now go head-to-head battle to garner the MOST votes possible from their friends, family, bosses, cousins, long lost relatives. So the public chooses the winner! Voting will be done by an online poll on this blog, one vote per person.
  • Contest concludes Monday, December 19, 2011 by 12:00am. It’s two weeks….. so be sure to get the word out for voting!




  • Weddings must be located within a 75 mile radius from Evansville.
  • Approximate value of prize is $1,400
  • Winners will be provided a detailed list of duties that are included in the service. Any additional services requested not listed may be charged an additional fee.
  • There is only one vote per person/computer. So really get out there and share this contest with your family!
  • There are some blackout weekends, they will not be published but will be considered when selecting the final top three entries. Weddings must occur in 2011-12. Take a chance and submit your entry!


Good luck!

photo credit: Dream Copy Photography

oh, good grief … my aha moment is in the finals!

If you are sick of seeing me post about my aha moment, then you are in good company. Because I’m just about tired of writing about it. I’ve talked about it here, here and (sigh) here.

But at the same time, kinda proud.

My video was selected (thanks to all of you) as the last 25 finalists to make the NATIONAL COMMERCIAL in 2010. Only 10 videos will be selected for the commercial.

Cool, huh? It is, but I have beg all of you to vote, one last time.

Swear, I will not join a contest for at least 10 months. I had no idea when I taped it this summer that I would end up here.

It only takes a moment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP (thank goodness). Simply click on this link and you will see my aha moment video and click vote! I even got my own URL:

Super, duper appreciate it and I hope to make it and represent all the wedding professionals out there !!!

VOTING ends on October 31, 2009.




aha moments

Recently I received a very nice email inviting me to videotape my “aha moment”! Mutual of Omaha is the official sponsor of the aha moment tour. They are going from city to city in a huge nerd, silver trailer and allowing anyone to come and videotape their “moment”. It could be anything!!!

A few will be chosen to be featured in a national campaign later this year. Super cool. So I went…

mutual-of-omaha aha bus tour

mutual-of-omaha-bus tour workers

…. and now for the video … be sure to click on the picture to see the entire video! Meant every word of it!

saundra hadley aha moment video

Pretty cool, huh?