The 2008 RC Cola/Chamber Tri-State Business EXPO

Sorry… wedding stuff for a couple of days…got to put on the corporate business hat. Aaaaannnnd business!

tristate business expo evansville indiana

We’d love to see you this Wednesday, March 5th at The Centre, Downtown Evansville (TOMORROW) at the annual RC Cola/Chamber Tri-State Business Expo! This premiere business expo is open from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. Admittance is FREE!

We’ll be calling booth 62 our home and will be giving away a prize…in exchange for your business card.

Besides the free stuff, you’ll want to stop by to take a look at our corporate and business meeting services. In 2007, we went back to our grass roots and launched our corporate event planning services (in addition to our current wedding and social event planning).

Some of our successful events:

– We were the planners for the successful Energy Summit of Southwest Indiana 2007
– Design/Decor for the Evansville Philharmonic Gala 2007
Pre-Grand Opening for Holly’s House
Client Appreciation Soiree

And we are proud to be the outsourced planners for the upcoming 2008 Regional Economic Summit that will take place later this year.

Enough about us…come by and chat. We’ll see if we can help you be more cost effective with your next upcoming business event!

plan on!


the special event show 2008 wedding gallery; part two

A few different looks from the wedding gallery at the special event show. Let’s dive right in….


There was another tree; just as spectacular …. but all together different. More of a beach theme this tree took HOURS to assemble. Real flowers…of course. You can click on flickr to see more of these photos but at the bottom there are shells glued together. There is even one huge shell that is holding water with orchids floating in it. How cool is that?



I really loved this design. They made the hanging centerpiece low and then raised it. You have to look closely at the amount of detail. The coolest thing about this modern table setting was the smart lighting that would change colors throughout the night. Just check out the video. (sorry minor technical difficulties I couldn’t post it here).

Again: For more pictures of the wedding gallery and other displays please visit our slideshow on flickr. If you have an account be sure to add us as a friend!!! More to come…


the special event show 2008 wedding gallery; part one

You all know I’ve been in Atlanta (well technically back for 11 days…) to see The Special Event Show. It has been chaos since returning to the office. While I still have so much to do (as business has been great), I took a breathier today to get my pictures up! I’ll randomly pull some shots as we move forward to discuss in detail.

Sally and I were able to actually setup for the Show. We assisted Wilbur & Associates – EventScapes who were contracted to do the “Dahling – Southern display” at the Wedding Gallery. They are a wonderful group…full of creativity and just enough crazy as most artists can be!

For the first time this year, the gallery was sold as a separate event to view. The attendees who went to the Wedding Luncheon also were able to view the gallery. We got into both to share with you the pictures.

There were four different areas at the Wedding Gallery; and you can see how each one has a really different look. Again this is an event for designers to go OVER THE TOP and blow you away as you look at their designs. Logistics, practicality, and price is all thrown out the window. For just a moment; it’s imagination time!



This was Wilbur’s design….the white part has ice crystals that when you add water to them create this shimmery, textured look. They are gross to touch…kinda like slime…but look AWESOME! And who can beat the flower pathway to the chuppah? Gorgeous.



This was the tree they created with silver and bling. I wanted to steal it. But wasn’t sure how to strap it to the top of our car. Notice…these pictures are during setup. The tulle for the skirting completed this a romantic, southern look.



Sumptuous and romantic. Sally made this entire display so I knew I’d have to post/talk about it. The glass holder, callas and flowers is simply unbelievable to see. If you could only smell how great it was in the room…..



There were four custom columns that Wilbur’s team made with bling dripping down from the top. These columns were positioned in the four corners encasing the overall look.

For more pictures of the wedding gallery and other displays please visit our slideshow on flickr. If you have an account be sure to add us as a friend!!! More to come…


we’re off to atlanta and the Special Event Show …

Change of plans folks. You know we’re attending the Special Event Show in Atlanta, Georgia which starts next Tuesday. However my event designer got a phone call from someone who she used to work for in HOTlanta. He took on a huge wedding this weekend and would love her help! So we are leaving EARLY!

The decor budget is, [wait for it], $100k. Yup…..the DECOR BUDGET. So we are leaving today to get their in time to help him out.

I’ll carry buckets of flowers and strings of electrical cord just to help out. I’ll serve water and mop people’s brow. This is an opportunity to see some really fabulous designs.

Now…need to clean out my camera’s smart card so I can fill up with pictures and show you next week!!!! whoot! whoot!

For the next few days we’ll be showing some of our favorite weddings (inspiration board style) of 2007. Not ALL of them mind you…just a few we had time to put together.

plan on!


the special event show 2008

the special event show 2008

HOTlanta….here we come. My fave event designer, Sally and I are heading south next week for the spectacular Special Event Show. She gets to help design a table for the Luncheon on Wednesday with one of her crazy Atlanta friends. I could help, but thought I’d be a nerd and hit the Education Program.

This is a who’s who of event planning. As you know our little planning studio does more than just weddings. We feel as being full time professionals; it is important to invest in continuing education.

Stop learning; you stop growing. And in this industry it is incredibly important to stay ahead of the curve. My clients expect for me to know what is happening outside our 20 county area.

So – any planners or other wedding vendors out there attending? If so – please drop me a line maybe we can meet on Tuesday or have a drink at the opening of TSE at the Georgia Aquarium with Wolfgang Puck catering. One word: yum!

I may have to go shopping……