chuck taylors = happiness

Everyone knows I love to collect Converse Chuck Taylors. I’m often asked how many I own. Sorry that is privileged information. My clients (both corporate and weddings) get excited and cannot wait to see what color I’ll wear to their event. I’ve been documenting a few in my collection and have added a new page to the blog, Chuck Taylor Lover.

If I can, I try to match the colors. Like this past weekend for Meghan + Patrick’s outdoor wedding reception (which will be blogged about SOON). It did rain and there was definitely some mud!

Take a look at this photo, before and after event:

dirty-chuck-taylorsAlready threw them in the washer and they are back to brand spanking new!

I just figured that if I have to wear flats (taking care of my precious spine), I’m going old school and looking cool.