should i hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

We are incredibly picky on having guest bloggers and only allow people who have the same business philosophy that we do and that we know (whether on social media or in-real-life). I’m proud to present Kana Brown (whom I know from both mediums). That’s her pretty face above.

We refer her to our brides who want a professional makeup artist have them look spectacular on their wedding day. She enhances the beauty of our brides that lasts the whole long wedding day. Please take a moment to read her thoughts on wedding makeup.

Guest Blogger:

Kana Brown, Licensed Esthetician, Avon Color Ambassador for the Central Region, 2013-2014, twitter: @According2Kana

As a makeup artist you may think I am a bit biased on this subject, but honestly I am not your typical painted faced, product hoarding obsessed makeup junkie. I truly believe that makeup, such as clothing, is not and should not be something that defines a person. It should simply be used for enhancement and expression. With that being said let’s dispel some of your worries on hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day.

I am worried I won’t look like myself…

Like I mentioned before, I think makeup is an enhancement which means it should be used to bring forth your best features not completely construct a new face. We are NOT trying to send the “Hubby to Be” running in the opposite direction.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup though…

Cool, neither do I. For your wedding day though, not saying you need a ton, but you will need more. This will be one of the most photographed days of your life. Cameras can wash you completely out if you are wearing very minimal makeup. I use literally the best HD foundation, it is super lightweight with beautiful coverage. You won’t even realize you’re wearing it!

I don’t know if it is worth the money…

It is your wedding day. You’re wearing an expensive dress, shoes and the center of attention. I can’t tell you what you should put WORTH to. For me, anything that makes my life more efficient, less stressful and makes me happy is WORTH a lot. Hiring a professional for important things like your wedding day will definitely achieve all three of those things.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Sure. BUT…this is one of the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. Why not put yourself in the hands of someone who has been trained to make your eyes pop and your skin glow? There are certain things that I have been taught that you probably haven’t even thought of. For instance, the  “mineral makeup” that is super popular, looks terrible in pictures. I know ways to make your makeup stay put all night long. Take the mystery out of figuring out these things by hiring a professional who already knows how to bring you to your ultimate Blushing Bride potential! kanabrown1

photo credit: elysia at signature art & photography

I provide consultations. This is a time for us to go over what look you want to achieve. It’s your day and I want to help you radiate all that love you have inside! For more information on booking a consultation or if you have a question, please look me up at .

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wedding gifts for parents

We are asked all the time, “What should I get my parents?”

yes, get your parents a thank you gift.

Of course everyone is different. If your parents are helping you pay for your wedding, it is appropriate to do SOMETHING for them as a thank you. Gift certificate, heart-felt thank you card/letter, small token … something!

keep this in mind:

It should be personal. So even if it is a gift certificate, it needs to be thoughtful and meaningful. And let’s face it, the best gifts are the ones that are well-thought out and planned.

Here’s a few ideas (and it won’t break your bank):


You know how HARD it is to buy for a man. Check out this super cute keychain for your Dad. Click here for the vendor: Personalized Keychain FATHER of the BRIDE by ThreeMineBlessings.



Hello brownie points! Don’t forget that Mother of the Groom, ladies. You can score this precious little charm right here: Gift for Mother in Law

son to his mother


Cue the tears … Get this item right now at: Mother of the Groom Handkerchief

mother of the bride


This is the sappy stuff that is made for weddings. This cute card and necklace can be ordered here: Mother of the Bride Card/Necklace

featured phone credit: pfe iPhone

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tossing birdseed at your wedding

The tradition started in Roman times, where wheat was thrown on the couple after the nuptials as a symbol of fertility.

Once wheat became too expensive, rice was used instead … and the tradition stuck.

Then enters the Urban Legend that rice will cause a bird’s stomach to blow up. Apparently you need to visit some rice farms, because birds EAT rice! They eat almost anything.

So guests switched to birdseed. Friendly to the environment! But NOT friendly to the bride and groom.

Have you ever been pelted by tiny little hard pebbles? That’s what rice or birdseed feels like. It hurts. And these itty, bitty, little hard particles of fun, get stuck EVERYWHERE. Down your strapless dress, in your expensive coiffed hair, your veil … you get the picture.

Don’t forget the aftermath on the ground after the tossing is all done. What do you think could happen with a bunch of birdseed on a smooth surface and then grandma walks across on it wearing her slick dress shoes? That’s right! Slip and fall!

So when I talked with Laura Kirtley today on Local 7 Lifestyles on the recap of her beautiful wedding that took place on November 16, 2013 … she told me the guests tossed birdseed for the wedding exit out of the church. She admitted that she remembered me mentioning not to do this in a previous wedding planning segment.

She said it was painful. There was birdseed stuck under her dress on her stomach that she didn’t find until later that night when taking off her dress. She couldn’t smile because she said she had birdseed stuck in her teeth and mouth.

Bless her heart.



image credit: anonymous guest at wedding

So please, if you aren’t going to listen to a seasoned wedding planner, then listen to this real bride. There are many other options to consider for your ceremony send-off:

  1. Rose Petals (real only)
  2. Feathers
  3. Wands with colorful ribbon
  4. Sparklers
  5. Bubbles (not the hugest fan because the pavement can become slick)
  6. Biodegradable Confetti (large size)
  7. Pom-Poms
  8. Custom Flags
  9. Choir Singing Escort
  10. Kazoos (see our real bride above)

… and more! What did we leave out? And thank you Laura for sharing your story and photos … you’re a great sport and you were a lovely bride.

featured image: photorexit

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UPDATE: It’s gets better … you can see her sneak peek video of her wedding … the part of when they come out of the church is in the beginning.

follow us behind the scenes …

We have a special wedding this weekend. Okay all our weddings are special, but hear me out and I’m sure you will agree.

Our lovely bride, Kelly, contacted us over a year ago to help plan their wedding day in her Dad’s beautiful backyard in Newburgh, Indiana. A really cool couple, they wanted something different, fun and quirky. Most of all, an intimate celebration with their closest friends and family.

What we couldn’t predict during this planning year:

  • A pleasant surprise, the birth of their beautiful little boy. Planning a wedding WITH baby hormones can be quite a ride.
  • In March, that ugly cancer creature creeped into our lives, and Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two chemo treatments so far before the wedding. Can we bring back the baby hormones, please? She’s a rockstar with a heart of gold and a spirit to match. And a sense of humor that will make you belly laugh.
  • Now, her beautiful outdoor wedding is being threatened by Mother Nature … RAIN. WIND.

So if you are so interested we’ll be adding photos to Instagram, Twitter and company Facebook. Follow along, starting today … it’s going to be entertaining.

And please say a prayer for no rain at least from 5 – 8pm. We aren’t greedy.

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last wedding at old national bank, evansville …

Stay tuned tomorrow morning on Local 7 Lifestyles around 8:15am … we’ll be highlighting the last wedding that will be held at the beautiful Old National Bank Headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. This beautiful space will still be open for non-profit or corporate events, but alas, not weddings.

It was truly a detailed with unique wedding planning ideas that left the guests personally touched. I had so much fun planning this wedding the past year with a super fun bride, who was always, so appreciative.

Here’s a little sneak preview above. The wedding party doing their interpretation of the movie Bridesmaids.

Love it!