unique bachelorette party …

Last summer I had the opportunity to participate in one of the coolest Bachelorette parties I’ve ever attended and I had nothing to do with the planning. In fact, I didn’t even know the bride. But when you have friends on the Ohio River … everyone is invited for a little fun.

bachelorette party on the river

The bride: Tami Klueh (now Beach) knew that she wanted to have a fun, river, bachelorette party with her girlfriends. But she was surprised when they picked her up at the dock with a real wedding dress for her to wear! And all of the girls who attended, wore a bridesmaid dress over their swimsuits in honor of Tami’s upcoming wedding. I even got to wear one!

Parked on of the islands off of French Island Marina, you can imagine how all the girls dressed in formals stood out amongst the boaters and swimsuits. And it was so great for Tami, strangers and friends congratulating her. Jello shots, drinking games, dancing, trashing the dress, swag bags, rope swing, grilling, an awesome house boat and lots of laughter … it was a great day!


bachelorette-party-2 bachelorette-party-1 bachelorette-party

Great job at the planning: Nancy Daniels, Audrey Taber, Angie Glassford, Beth Farrand, Jessica Biggs, Brianna Beard, Buffy Crowley, Melissa Roe (and her Roe Boat) …. and anyone else I missed (like I said, I was just a guest).

feature photo credit: pfe iPhone

So have you had a different kind of bachelorette party with a theme?

party on!


wedding gifts for your groomsmen

On Monday we talked about getting gifts for your parents, so today we’ll talk about gifts for the groomsmen. Let’s face it, women are easy to buy for. Really. Monogrammed bag, jewelry, makeup, whatever … we are good to go.

best tip for groomsmen gifts:

Really think about your guys. Get something they would like and use. So many gifts end up in the back of the closet, collecting dust. Be creative and different, but keep it simple. For instance …


This is a key chain, yes. But also a bottle opener. And let’s face it, your guys need to quit trying to twist off their import beers. This set can be purchased here: Set of 2 GROOMSMEN GIFTS Personalized Keychain Bottle by poptag.


This is one of our grooms and his groomsmen. Chuck Taylors or any kind of shoe really (one groom bought Air Jordan’s for each of his groomsmen #baller) is a good idea. Because rental shoes suck and hurt your feet.

Are you having a challenge finding a good gift? If so, contact us, we’ll see if we can give you some ideas. staff (at) planningforever.com

featured photo credit: jesse and gena

plan on!

followup on story:

Please check out this sweet little groomsmen gift that was sent to us for review from GroovyGroomsmenGifts.com  We think it’s a great option to the usual beer mug!  And you can personalize it with your groomsmen initials. The piece was of excellent quality. Check out the their website for other groomsmen gift ideas! Disclaimer: we did not pay for this product, it was a gift. But we loved it!



how to be a maid of honor, or best MAN of honor…

We take great care who to choose who will be in our wedding party. I remember (um, 18 years ago) who I selected to stand up with me. I had 5 great girlfriends that were all over the U.S. and I didn’t want to burden with travel and be in my wedding party. So when it came down to it (and this is a whole different blog post) I ended up keeping it really simple. We chose one maid of honor, one best man and one flower girl (my niece).

Fast forward: this is 2011 and there is no reason why you need, as a bride, to have a woman stand with you. Or vice versa. Sometimes it’s more appropriate to have a member of the opposite sex support you.

We’ve had this happen many times, but today we’ll introduce you to our bride Megan Dendinger Dearing who chose her brother, Ryan, to be the Man of Honor to stand next to her. How endearing is that?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Her bro was a man and wasn’t super keen on holding flowers or fixing her dress. Just in case you decide to do something like this here are a couple of photos to get you through.

You know when the bride stands up to do her marriage vows, she needs to “hand off” her bouquet to her typical, “maid of honor”. Now when this person is the “man of honor”, he doesn’t want to be standing there holding a beautiful bouquet of  flowers. What to do? Here’s a photo….

That’s right! You can look cool to the guests by holding the bouquet and supporting your sister. What about other formal wedding portraits?

Formals…. have the girls leave their flowers behind and you “man up” next to your sister. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding.

There are only a few rules in weddings. Who you choose to stand next to you, is not one of them.

real wedding photog: jesse daniels photography

plan on! 


jewels for your bridesmaids!

You’ll want to check out the latest contest giveway from Handcrafted: The Cure for the Common Wedding. Teaming up with Redots Designs (how cool are they?); they are going to supply one lucky bride with jewelry for their bridal party up to $300.

bridesmaid jewelry giveway from redots designs

Only a few days left…..what are you waiting for? Rush over and post a comment on Handcrafted. Do it. NOW! (I’m so bossy).

plan on!



Giving a good toast is challenging – so keep these points in mind:

– Short, from the heart and to the point is always best.
– If you have to read it, it’s too long (see above).
– Make sure you have the room’s attention before you begin.
– Hold the microphone very, very close to your mouth or no one will hear you (I promise).
– Speak slower and a little louder than normal. Dramatic pauses will emphasize key points.
– Bring up a napkin in case a tear may arise.
– Always end the toast with having everyone raise their glasses.