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Everyone knows about Pinterest.com it’s the fastest growing social website out there! We gave some tips on managing this beast of creative ideas for your wedding last September.

So here’s a quick update for you lovely brides that are planning your wedding at the same time some of your friends are planning their own weddings.

You know how competitive this can be. You get a great idea and then they use it just before your wedding. OY! The only thing worse would be showing up wearing the same dress at an event!

Pinterest has fixed this for you. They now have private boards. PRIVATE! Yippeee! We’ve known about this for several months now, so it isn’t late breaking news. But I still find some brides that do not know bout it!

Go to your Pinterest account and click on Boards. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you should see a heading Secret Boards and four Create a Secret Board slots.

I love the whole “secret” part of it. So CIA.

We use them with our clients. We can all add inspiration photos and now everyone (your family, friends, potential guests) will see your ideas.

It’s not fun when all you hear after your wedding is, “Yes, I saw your Pinterest project at your wedding”. Sheesh.

So do you have your private board set up yet?

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why boutonnieres can suck …

Boutonnieres aren’t ALWAYS bad. Grandpa’s think it’s kinda special to have one. And some of them can be super cute. They can also be a PITA (pain in the a**). Here’s why:

  • When it is hot, like it is right now in the Midwest, it is VERY difficult for “bouts” to stay fresh the long day of pre-wedding photos, during the wedding, after wedding photos, and into the evening. Roses and orchids can put up with a lot of abuse, but of course with all the wedding blogs, pinterest, and other creative designers creating new looks … most bride’s don’t want roses and feel orchids are too expensive. It’s just physically impossible for a fragile flower to stay fresh and neat on a guy’s jacket, that is not in water!
  • Most guys do not want a flower on their jacket. Don’t believe me? You should hear them all grumble when we pin the bouts on them.
  • Everyone wants to hug the groom. Sometimes, tightly. Guess who gets squished? Yuppers … that poor little flower.
  • It’s the one thing that the bride will see every moment of the day. So if it doesn’t look fresh or it’s not the right color, it upsets her. We don’t like that.

Some obvious alternatives. How about just a handkerchief?

We always ask our grooms how they would like the handkerchief folded. It doesn’t matter how, just as long as they are all the same. And those little silky suckers like to fall into the pocket and become messed up throughout the day!

photo credit: jesse daniels photography

I think these two groom’s look handsome! Don’t you?

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2nd annual kruckemeyer & cohn diamond dash

Dash for diamonds? Yes, please!

For a chance at love, Evansville couples use mobile gaming technology. Locals search for a diamond engagement ring using their cell phones.

The event is a high-tech scavenger hunt in which participants will be following clues sent to their cell phones, looking to win a $12,000 diamond engagement ring. The hunt promises to be a fun and fast paced adventure around downtown Evansville and a great activity for locals and tourists alike. We expect several hundred local couples will participate.

The deets:

What:  Approx 500 people will meet at Casino Aztar at 11am and run all over downtown Evansville solving clues sent via text message to their cell phones. They will race for about 2 hours, hoping to win the grand prize. The event will end at back at Casino Aztar where the after party will take place from 2pm-3:30pm. The winning team will be announced there.

Who:  The event is being hosted by Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelers

More info & event registration at: www.KandCDiamondDash.com

planning…forever events is not affiliated with this event, but wanted to let local Evansville brides and grooms know about it. Good luck and happy hunting.

Suggestion: with all that money saved with winning the diamonds, now you can afford a wedding planner. *hint* *hint*

Look how much fun they had in Chi-town with a similar event:

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lie to your wedding vendor?

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. (and apparently I’m a 150 years old by using that phrase).

Surfing the Internets I found this (ahem) gem of a post (by an author, I can only assume is NOT a wedding professional) suggesting to brides to LIE to their vendors to get better deals on their wedding…. (her quote)

“…when dealing with certain vendors I have a better word that gives you, the bride/groom, more wiggle room: LIE.”

Let’s let that sink in for a moment. Nobody likes to be deceived. Not brides. And NOT vendors.

People believe that if the word “wedding” is attached to products/services that it will cost you more money.

There is some truth to that, but you have delve further for clarification. WHY?

Weddings are as unique as the bride and groom. They are intensely more important than your average party. Therefore, expectations run high, as well as labor and materials to create your vision. Specific materials are requested. Therefore, so may the cost of your products/services be increased. You have to compare apples to apples.

Does this make sense?

What this author so ineptly missed was that ordering the exact same flowers that sit in a vase (for a corporate lunch centerpiece) IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the exact same flowers put together in a bridal bouquet that will not fall apart a few hours into photos.

Are we really comparing the two? I think I’m being punk’d.

It’s called LABOR, EXPERIENCE and additional MATERIAL. It’s much more than just, (author’s quote, wait for it)..

“The only difference is how the flowers are held together”.

No kidding. If you could see my face.

There is an art to creating a wedding bouquet of flowers. Stems need to be wired together, floral tape strategically used (so it doesn’t show) to keep the bouquet from falling apart. And the most important thing, it takes labor, experience and material. When running a business, these things are not free.

Would you want to come to work for your employer on an 8 hour shift and then only be paid for 6 hours? Um, no.

There are more flaws in her theories to saving money with regards to limo companies. If you ran a limo company, you would have to charge a minimum of hours (standard in this area is two hours). Put it this way, would you want your wedding limo making another run while you are getting married? What if there is traffic? What if you want to leave the church early? Poof! No limo. Not going to fly at a wedding. Not when you have other vendors (photographer, videographer, catering, DJ) on the clock waiting for the bride and groom.

Finally, (as if this cannot get anymore epic) when she targeted cake bakers, (I prefer cake designers). What type of scary wedding cake is she suggesting?

“Have a half sheet placed on top of a full sheet and decorate away. It will come out costing less than the full scale wedding cake and you’ll get just as many ooohs and aaahs.”

On what planet will that get “ooohs and aaahs”? A two layer sheet cake that is abnormal in size? Ever try to put together a four tier wedding cake? You want to talk about labor, experience and material … I’ve DEALT WITH the tilted DIY wedding cakes that we had to cut early or the guests would be scooping their dessert off the floor.

Please, please, please, PLEASE KNOW…

Wedding vendors work tirelessly for your wedding. While weddings may be a “billion dollar industry”, one or two vendors are not making that kind of money. While there are some unscrupulous wedding vendors out there (what industry doesn’t have those jerks). The majority of us aren’t out to gauge, lie or steal from you. We make a living and help you achieve a beautiful day to remember.

Oh, and we work our a$$es off doing it.

You can read her full article here.

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how to manage the wedding vendor followup

The finale of the how to choose a wending vendor series, we are going to give our final tip. You’ve made the inquiry, you’ve had the interview, perhaps you’ve met a vendor at a bridal show …. now let’s assume you have the proposal. What are the best steps in following up?

Here are a few tips:

  • Tell the Vendor No: It’s not easy to “let people down” and certainly as the consumer you are not obligated to do anything after receiving the proposal. But I highly suggest sending an email or leaving a vendor a phone call to let them know that you have decided to not use their services. It allows them to move on and to fill your date.
  • Ask the Vendor Questions: If the proposal is ambigious then please ask questions of the vendor for further clarification.
  • If the Vendor Asks: Sometimes vendors would like to know why you went “a different direction” or chose a different vendor. Please, let them know. This helps them be a better business person.
  • Don’t Assume: There are ONLY so many dates available for weddings. Therefore it is in your best interest to make a decision with a vendor as soon as possible.

Note to Vendors:

  • Because we know that vendors read our blog as well, we HIGHLY encourage you to respect potential client’s wishes by following their requests. If they ask to be contacted my email only, then please don’t GOOGLE them to find out their home phone number to make sales solicitations. (You think we’re making this up?)
  • If you have asked for feedback as to why they did NOT choose you, then listen to them. Do not argue or try to change their mind. It makes you look, well, lame.
  • We ask clients to respect our time, please respect theirs as well. Get back with them in a timely manner (very hard to do all the time), be prepared for your meeting and contact them.
  • Lessons we ALL need to remind ourselves, everyday. Including us.

We hope this series has helped you with a few quick tips on how to choose a wedding vendor. There are many other tips out there and we wanted to take it from a different direction. It’s not rocket science, but sometimes we all forget the simple steps.

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