i am NOT a wedding coordinator

I would like to explain why calling a professional wedding planner a “coordinator” is diminishing and not at all in my marketing vocabulary.

I’m a planner. Or a manager of events if the clients have done most of the planning. Not a coordinator. It makes my heart drop to hear another wedding professional address me as a coordinator when I have spent hundreds of hours in strategic planning.

The definition of coordinator is: “a person whose job is to organize events or activities and to negotiate with others in order to ensure they work together effectively.”


We can all agree that by that definition, those activities are definitely in a daily wheelhouse of a wedding planner. Heck, that’s in the daily wheelhouse of every parent!

If that is all I did, then cool … brand me a coordinator.

so what do planners do?

We offer SO MUCH more than that. For me, it’s over 16 years of real-life experience in planning events of all sizes. I’m expected to give advice and guide my clients to be sure that they are not making financial mishaps. I look 10 steps ahead in the planning so the event flows easily. I have extensive knowledge of budgeting, the psychology of events, etiquette advice. Design. And mega hours spent on continual education for our industry with trends.

The language does matter. It’s either elevating my profession or leaving it stagnant or worse, reduces all my hard work. Am I a photographer because I have an iPhone? A pastry chef because I bake cookies? A filmmaker because I uploaded to TikTok? A doctor because I removed a splinter? Okay, I just wanted to be sure you were still reading …

hello, couples

That is why we do not offer services that use the wording, “Day of Coordination” or “Month of Coordination/Planning”.

I have in the past, they are buzz words and high trafficked keyword searches. But the reality is, we don’t offer that service. PFE has never shown up just on the day of the wedding and coordinated the events. PFE has in the past, but no longer starts only four weeks (or month of) before your wedding to “coordinate”. And I’ll tell you why …

Because it’s a setup for failure – for my team. It is extremely stressful to be a professional in a situation at someone’s one-and-only celebration and finding multiple things that are very wrong and you know that if you were part of the decision process early on, you could have helped your client avoid these mishaps. We are very, well-known in our area for our service and the events that we produce, and the reflection of poorly executed events — well, it would be all PFE’s fault even if it was out of our control.

the modern wedding management service

That is why we have a Modern Wedding Management Service and it is more powerful than the other Day of or Month of services.

You plan your wedding with your family and besties, then several months in advance we will meet and go through everything. AND, because we know that you do need some help along the way we will add in some planning hours on the front end, field your questions along with your planning process and INCLUDE other totally awesome and completely needed important tasks … like seriously, you’re going to love them.

I hope this post has helped explain a movement in my industry (for quite some time) to help move us forward. And listen, if you ARE a wedding coordinator and offer services such as; 4 hours at the wedding reception or you’ll come to just the ceremony to walk them down the aisle … awesome. You do you. There is nothing wrong with that, you are truly a coordinator.

And if you’re planning a wedding, please consider giving us a call or email.
I would love to learn about your upcoming celebration.

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why wedding guests need to unplug …

Take a close look at this photo.

eau claire photographics

photo credit: eau claire photographics

Let me tell you, my fingers are twitching. In case you think it’s a fluke, here’s another one:

photo credit IQvideography

photo credit: IQvideography

The urge to break that iPad into a zillion pieces is overwhelming.

Here’s the PSA to all wedding guests:

While anyone can appreciate your zeal to capture a photo, the dear wedding couple who invited you to share their wedding day want you to be a guest, not the photographer or film maker. Especially during really important parts of the wedding: the ceremony, first dances, toasts, walking down the aisle, etc.

Why? Because the couple’s wedding that you are attending may have paid more than $10k for photography and filmmaking. That’s a serious investment. And if you are the jackhole that gets in the way of the professional at a crucial moment, then that’s what you’ll always be remembered as. And trust, your $80 gift from you and your significant other doesn’t make up for attending and ruining these shots.

We love social media, like our clients. And we embrace the trend to use hashtags for the wedding so couples can find their candid wedding shots after the wedding. The couple is looking for photos of guests or candids at fun moments throughout the day. Not the bride walking down the aisle with her father. Or the moment where the groom kisses his mother that he just escorted into the ceremony.

So please, have fun. Be in the moment. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay out of the way. Turn off your damn phone during the ceremony. Seriously off or in Airplane mode, we don’t want to hear the vibrating. Take photos of you and your friends. Or the food. Or a centerpiece. Leave the selfie stick at home.

featured photo credit: joanne fowler photography and it was from a #pfewedding!

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happy birthday pfe blog!

It’s birthday time again! Our first published blog post on April 21, 2006. Quite honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing. It takes time to find your voice and style. When I read back on earlier posts, I cringe. But nine years later, I think I got it figured out.

I love to educate and write! Although there are lots of time there is writer’s block or simply too busy to sit down and type out my thoughts. But I’m always thinking of weddings to post or talk about on TV – to instruct and above always, keep it real. We pride on talking about things that most professionals, don’t want to talk about.

505 blog posts, 1,121 comments, and hundreds of thousands views … we appreciate everyone’s continued support, personal emails, comments and views.

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planning your wedding too early …

Is there such a thing? Being too organized?

Wedding planning is a process, it takes time. No reason to rush and no reason to get ahead of yourself. Sometimes we find that clients will change their minds too often or second guess their choices.

Or simply, even though it started out to be a really fun project, after 15 months of planning … you’re just, well, over it.

So pace yourself. Don’t get mad at yourself if you have missed deadlines. Sometimes it’s better to put forth concentrated effort and is often more productive.

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your marriage license …

It’s the piece of paper that makes you official and legally married in your state and for the government. If it’s filled out properly.

Our clients are often rushed through the process when they go to the courthouse, depends how busy the clerk is.

to clear up any misnomers, here’s some help for Indiana and Kentucky:

  1. Both of you must attend, in person. With valid driver’s license or ID. They want to see your current address.
  2. Bring your CASH to pay for your marriage license. Indiana: $18 for residents, $60 for non-residents. Kentucky: $35.50
  3. Indiana: you can get your marriage license up to 60 days in advance. Kentucky: you can get your marriage license 30 days in advance. If you want to start filling out your license in advance for Indiana, here is a link: http://www.in.gov/judiciary/2605.htm
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older. If you have been previously married, you must bring your divorce papers. There are no waits or holds.
  5. You purchase your marriage license in the state that you are getting married in.
  6. Now this is where some people get confused. The clerks will give you two documents. One will be in an envelope and look like an official legal document. That’s because it is. Don’t fill it out. Have your officiant fill it out, they know what they are doing. You have to sign this and your witnesses. This document MUST be mailed back to your city clerk to file. This is when you become legit married under the eyes of your state.

There will be a second document, it’s pretty … on thick paper. That’s your marriage license that you keep as a “keepsake”. Please don’t frame it. That’s weird.

Be prepared in advance to make copies of your documents if you need your marriage license to prove your marriage for a honeymoon resort discount. Sometimes the pretty license can serve as this, but I really recommend copying the legal document.

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