on the job with the wedding planner: part one

Following the idea of a great planner, Laura from Soriee Special Events, who took her camera and documented a real wedding of hers. I thought the idea was freaking brilliant and I’ve waited for a wedding to capture in a similar way. Here’s the story of Zach Duke and Kristin Gross wedding. The up’s, the down’s and all the stuff in between.

Here we go!

Thursday, November 1st

(two days before the wedding)

10am – Julie, the Banquet Manager at Cambridge Golf Clubhouse emails me that the stage is setup and I need to call her right away. I’m with another client but I get the message on my crackberry (love this little gadget). When we talk she feels the stage is too big and has some concerns about the floor layout I designed. She’d really feel more comfortable if I would come by and see it. I really don’t want to because I have a tight schedule today with other obligations. Just in case, I contact Ray with Stretta Band immediately to check to see if the band requirements were flexible to reduce the stage size from a 16’x 20’ to a 12’x20’. He’s cool with it.

12:30pm – I have to admit the floor layout is nagging at me. I’d rather deal with this issue today than tomorrow. So I run by TRU Event Rentals and speak with Darrel (affectionately called Big D by me) to see if he can work in the schedule with his guys to come back and reduce the floor. I also pickup a smaller table for the cake to allow  for more room, in case we need it. Deep down I think it’s going to be tight, but feel we can fit the 26 guest tables, dance floor, beer bar, stage and food station area.

1:45pm – Arrived at Cambridge to look at the layout. Zach, the groom, his parents and the father of the bride also show up! I agree that the stage is too big and luckily we can make it go smaller. I call Big D and have him schedule his guys to fix it this
afternoon. Zach makes a request to increase the dance floor size. No problem. It’s your day! Everyone agrees not to tell Kristin about making the stage smaller. It’s probably not a big deal, I just didn’t want her to worry about anything. I’m confident we can move the guests tables around tomorrow. I’m pretty sure Julie thinks I’m on crack but is being too polite to say so. That’s okay. That’s how I roll.

2:30pm – Running late to meet Kristin, her mom Karen and Jessica, (the MOH) to go see Sally and her flowers. She loves them, but makes a few changes with the “white roses” which were looking a little green on the edges. Darn nature…sometimes it just doesn’t cooperate with your palette tastes. As you can see, Kristin is still pretty excited about her bouquet! Is she not precious?


Friday, November 2nd

(one day before the wedding)

9:00am – Deliver linens to Cambridge and help Julie and Tony physically
move the tables/chairs for the layout. We are all pleased with the results…it
looks like there will be some tight areas but service should not be compromised. Happy dance!! I set the table linens so there will be less to do tomorrow.

2:30pm – I call Todd with Black Tie Video Productions. I’m concerned about the area we have planned for the screen. I ask him if he wouldn’t mind going by the reception after rehearsal just to be sure that if we have to move a table, we need to do it NOW before guests arrive. Cause then it would not be fun.3:50pm – Show up at Old North United Methodist Church for rehearsal and everyone is there!!! I look at my watch confused and ask Kristin, “Am I late?” She informs me that she told her wedding party that the rehearsal started at 3:30pm instead of 4pm. She is one smart cookie. I handout itineraries, meet the wedding party and speak with the church coordinator, Melody. I’m quickly beginning to like this church!!!

Rehearsal goes well and we are done in about 45 minutes. Unfortunately they forgot the big tub of personal stuff that I needed to pick up tonight for tomorrow morning. Monty (the FOB) informs me that he can meet me tomorrow at 8:30am with the stuff at Cambridge. This keeps Kristin from freaking out. Good! Now they are off to Rehearsal Dinner at Just Rennie’s and later for a small party for out-of-town guests at Le Merigot. Get some sleep I tell them! (They are so not going to listen).5:30pm – Todd calls me from the reception. Sure enough he wants to scoot a couple of tables over because once the band sets up their speakers it could block the projector. I give the okay because I’ve worked with him long enough and trust him that his minor changes will look good.

9:30pm – I have to leave early tomorrow morning so I pack up all the things I’ll need to take; emergency kit, small bag, extra itineraries, Zach’s iPod, change of clothes, etc. Off to bed for me. Long day tomorrow.

photos: pfe iPhone
featured photo credit: straub photography

….to be continued….



upcoming wedding….

Working hard today preparing for my wedding this weekend with Kristin Gross and Zach Duke. You baseball Pittsburgh Pirates fans may know him….he’s a starting pitcher. For fun I googled him….he has his own poster!!!

If you think he’s a cutie, you would be correct. But wait till you see the photos of his lovely fiancee, Kristin. Breathtaking young lady and very sweet.

Stay tuned…I’ll be highlighting this wedding next week.

plan on!