2016 wedding trends

There are lots of wedding trends that don’t make it to our local area in the Tristate. However, here are five trends we feel that we WILL see, or in the very least, hope will come soon.

Or watch me on WEHT Local Lifestyles TV Segment regarding this topic.

5 wedding trends in 2016:apps

1. passed hors d’oeuvres instead of food stations

We are seeing that more of our clients are considering having passed hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour (before the formal wedding dinner). This takes the place of a large food station for guests to serve themselves. It creates an awesome guest experience and encourages you not to over purchase the hors’d.


2. all things metallic

Metallic, sequins, glitter, foil … anything shiny will STILL be hot this year. Gold is the best option, but many people still love silver.

naked cake

3. naked cakes

Naked cakes aren’t necessarily a rustic option but certainly is not uber formal. We like to describe it as an organic and earthy look to your cake. Don’t be surprised that this may not save you money. It takes a lot more work to create a good looking naked cake. Your baker has to make sure that the lines are clean. There is no frosting to cover those imperfections, so it will take more time, which may mean more of a cost to you.

live musicians

4. blending live music with your DJ

We had this a few years ago at the request of our bride. DJ plays the music and a violinist and/or drummer accompany whatever song is playing. It’s freeform and totally cool. You’ll need to find the musicians that have this talent and of course talk with your DJ before booking. The result for the guests? #onfire

arial shot

5. drones, go-pro’s and same day wedding films

Having a still photo from an aerial perspective continues to be hot. Be sure to talk to your wedding photographer or filmmaker to see if you can’t capture a still shot. GoPro’s are kinda awesome too (we have one now and plan on using it this year for some fun). Think about how you could use one to capture some behind the scenes or at your actual wedding.

Finally, the “same day wedding” edit films are finally becoming more mainstream if you can afford the extra service.  The idea is, right after you kiss and say “I Do” your filmmaker team starts editing a short film of the getting ready, the ceremony and behind the scenes that happened earlier that day. Then at the reception when the dancing starts you can share with your guests to relive what they missed. The additional cost is for more film editors, but, the reaction from your guests is nine-kinds-of-awesome.

What trends would you like to see happen here locally?

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answered viewer’s questions

As the Local 7 Wedding Planner, (every Wednesday morning at 6:55am), I answered viewers questions about wedding planning. There were some really, really, good ones…

  • My groom thinks it would be a good idea to put our wedding registry in our invitations. Is this a good idea?
  • My wedding vendors are not returning my phone calls promptly, what can I do about it?
  • We want to have several hours of downtime between the ceremony and reception? How can we do that to make it easy for our guests?
  • My future father-in-law does not want any alcohol at our wedding. My family are social drinkers. How should we handle this?

To see the answers … see the segment online!

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recap on the Royal Wedding…

It’s here. The Super Bowl for wedding planners. The Championship Game. The Grand Finale.

Duke William and Dutchess Catherine of Cambridge have tied the knot.

Now there will be A LOT of recaps. Photos of the dress, the wedding cake, the kiss … blah, blah, blah. But that’s not how we roll here at planning…forever events. Nope, let’s talk about things most people won’t say. Out loud.

A few random thoughts:

  • Pippa Middleton’s dress, just about upstaged Catherine’s wedding dress (which was perfect for her under the circumstances of getting married in an uber-uptight, albeit beautiful, Westminster Abbey).
  • The Priest that was marrying William and Catherine had awful hat hair when he took off that huge hat. It was distracting.
  • Loved that William had trouble getting the ring on Catherine’s finger. Wonder if she had some fish and chips last night? Salt does make the fingers puffy. It was a REAL moment.
  • When William whispered, “You look beautiful” at the altar, yup. I lost it. Glad I was holding kleenex anyway.
  • I think I caught the Queen sleeping during the ceremony. Or perhaps she was intently staring at her lap. Or memorized by her super yellow dress.
  • What happened to Prince and Princess title? Kinda a let down with the Duke and Dutchess title, which was a gift from the Queen. This is what you get when you don’t have a real gift registry.
  • You know what else was distracting? Some of the most atrocious hats that has ever been seen in public. If some lady sat in front of me at one of the most important weddings of the century, where the guest list had to be pared down to an intimate gathering of 1,900 people (*snort*), there would be a beat down, I assure you.



Lastly on this incredibly long yet exciting day …. special thanks to Lauren Matter, anchor for WTVW Fox 7 AM Evansville who invited me to co-anchor the Royal Wedding Recap. Even though I do a on-air segment weekly, this was super fun and I got to sit at the “big girl’s desk”.

Congrats again to the beautiful couple and England!

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