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We believe it should be a priority to get to know your photographer by investing in the engagement photos. It helps all of you relax and get to know each other (especially when many people have anxiety about having a camera in their face). Once you trust each other, the wedding day is a breeze.

For your visual fun, check out our clients Whitney + Tyson who are tying the knot on August 7th later this year. We also are doing the design and decor and cannot wait for their wedding day.


incredible photographer: Equinox Photography

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unique engagement sessions…

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways you can really get to know your photographer(s). Instead of heading out in jeans and a shirt to the local park, why not think of something really creative?

Take a look at these fabulous photos (and there are tons more) taken by Robert and Kathleen Photographers who are located in Connecticut. Their subjects are Candice & Michael. Just so happens I know Candice who is owner of Jubilee Events, having met her personally and enjoy getting to know her better online. What fun it has been watching her run a wedding planning business and planning her own wedding.

Her engagement shots blew me away. Not only the photographers’ artistry, but the sheer orginiality and class (which is totally her). Take a peek and be sure to click off to Robert and Kathleen’s website for more.



Here are few tips to help your creative juices for your engagement photos:

  1. Look at photographer’s blogs (on a national level) to get some ideas.
  2. Talk to your fiance/fiancee and discuss what you really like to do and incorporate your hobby into your engagement photo session.
  3. Take a cue from Candice, who scheduled her engagement session on the same day that she did a trial run for her hair and makeup. Genius!
  4. Bring lots of changes of clothes.
  5. Talk to your photographer and let them know what you are thinking…they may have some ideas to share that you would have never thought about.


take a poll: should a girl ask a guy to marry her?

We received a lot of responses and emails on yesterday’s post about reasons a girl should ask a guy to marry. A somewhat controversial topic, we decided to get your feedback on this issue! Your answers are completely anonymous so feel free to forward to your friends to answer as well!

Poll for the Girls:

Would you ask your boyfriend to marry you? Please choose which answer best describes your feelings on this subject:

Poll for the Guys:

What do you think about being asked to marry by your girlfriend? We want your feedback as well! Take this quick poll!


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reasons why a girl should propose to a guy

In five short days, it will be Valentine’s Day.

The universal day of love. We know that many of you will be getting engaged that day or weekend.

And if you aren’t getting proposed to this weekend, then why not? Are you waiting for him to ask? Perhaps, YOU should do the asking!

Let’s think it through:

  1. It’s 2009 for goodness sake. Think of how many women just 50 years ago would have loved the opportunity to feel so liberated?
  2. Do you really have the patience to wait for him to pop the question?
  3. It would certainly be a surprise.
  4. You’re a strong woman with an education and career; you make everything else happen….why not in your private life?
  5. You’ll find out just how he really feels about “the equality issue” by his reaction.
  6. To not entirely emasculate him, propose in private and not in front of all his friends and family.

Actually, I’m surprised this isn’t a hot trend!

Important Question: if a girl asks the guy to marry, then who buys the engagement ring?

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

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best places for engagement photos near evansville, indiana

We polled several photographers in the area for the best places for engagement photos. New Harmony, Indiana seemed to be everyone’s preference.
Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie and Roddy are getting married October 4th and they are our clients. Aren’t they adorable laying down at the Labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana?

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

Natalie Paddock and Roddy Blaylock

A simple shot, in front of an old fence….love it! Great job Jeanne with Equinox Photography!

We love Jordan (with Jordan Barclay Photography), who is artistic and creative. He took this shot at the Garden of the Gods at University of Southern Indiana. Beautiful backdrop!

photographer: Courtney Metzger

photographer: Courtney Metzger

Locally everyone knows who Studio B is (out of Mt. Vernon, Indiana). One of my favorite photographers there is Courtney. She took this photo at a fountain in New Harmony, Indiana.

photographer: Daniel Knight

photographer: Daniel Knight

The really neat thing about Studio B is that they actually have a 17 acre portrait park. How convenient is that? This photo was taken by the owner, Daniel Knight.

Be creative and personal with your engagement photos, you’ll enjoy them for years to come!