2016 wedding trends

There are lots of wedding trends that don’t make it to our local area in the Tristate. However, here are five trends we feel that we WILL see, or in the very least, hope will come soon.

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5 wedding trends in 2016:apps

1. passed hors d’oeuvres instead of food stations

We are seeing that more of our clients are considering having passed hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour (before the formal wedding dinner). This takes the place of a large food station for guests to serve themselves. It creates an awesome guest experience and encourages you not to over purchase the hors’d.


2. all things metallic

Metallic, sequins, glitter, foil … anything shiny will STILL be hot this year. Gold is the best option, but many people still love silver.

naked cake

3. naked cakes

Naked cakes aren’t necessarily a rustic option but certainly is not uber formal. We like to describe it as an organic and earthy look to your cake. Don’t be surprised that this may not save you money. It takes a lot more work to create a good looking naked cake. Your baker has to make sure that the lines are clean. There is no frosting to cover those imperfections, so it will take more time, which may mean more of a cost to you.

live musicians

4. blending live music with your DJ

We had this a few years ago at the request of our bride. DJ plays the music and a violinist and/or drummer accompany whatever song is playing. It’s freeform and totally cool. You’ll need to find the musicians that have this talent and of course talk with your DJ before booking. The result for the guests? #onfire

arial shot

5. drones, go-pro’s and same day wedding films

Having a still photo from an aerial perspective continues to be hot. Be sure to talk to your wedding photographer or filmmaker to see if you can’t capture a still shot. GoPro’s are kinda awesome too (we have one now and plan on using it this year for some fun). Think about how you could use one to capture some behind the scenes or at your actual wedding.

Finally, the “same day wedding” edit films are finally becoming more mainstream if you can afford the extra service.  The idea is, right after you kiss and say “I Do” your filmmaker team starts editing a short film of the getting ready, the ceremony and behind the scenes that happened earlier that day. Then at the reception when the dancing starts you can share with your guests to relive what they missed. The additional cost is for more film editors, but, the reaction from your guests is nine-kinds-of-awesome.

What trends would you like to see happen here locally?

feature photo credit: pfe iphone

plan on!

pantone color of the year 2014

the pantone color of the year is out!


Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color of the Year 2014: – Color trends, color palettes , Pantone 18-3224 TCX

But this color has been a huge hit in this area for years! And if you notice, we love purple too. And so do our clients. In fact, if we put all of our purple weddings in our portfolio, it would take over!

So if you like this color, you are now officially hip and in style.

Who’s having a purple wedding?

featured photo credit: rj photography

plan on!


country chic wedding decor

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth on Super Bride Sunday!

It was a great time seeing all the excited brides. In case you couldn’t make it, we wanted to show you our country chic wedding decor we created just for the special occasion.

Because photos are much better than reading about it, let’s get going …

If you liked these designs, contact us. We help you design your look and theme and help with all the details of your wedding that can be overlooked!

photos: pfe iPhone

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wedding details, napkins

Might sound silly, but a huge pet peeve of ours is how your napkin is folded on the table. It’s a detail that is often overlooked.

The pyramid, fan or bishop hat napkin fold should never see your wedding reception. And anything stuck in a glass goblet. These napkin folds are for business meetings, not your beautiful wedding.

However, if you get too creative on the fold, your caterer may not have the staff to implement a challenging fold for 300 guests. Remember too, that you have to use a stiffer 100% cotton napkin for some folds, which isn’t always what caterer’s carry. So be sure to check into that before you decide on a particular fold.

However it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Take a look what we’ve created at some of our weddings:

napkin fold ideas for weddings first  2 photos: studio b and 3rd photo: walker studio

The first photo, the bride Katie, decided to come in the day before the wedding with her bridesmaids and moms, and we hand tie bows/menus on each napkin. Definitely made a beautiful display on the table.

The second photo, the bride, Brittany, really wanted to have charger plates, however since we were having petits fours on the table it would have been too cluttered. I love this fold that drapes off the table. It gives a great presentatin and it’s easy to implement.

The final photo is our bride, Christy, really wanted silver chargers on the table. The table presentation was full, so in this instance it was better to go with a simple napkin fold and not take away from the decor.

What are you going to do with your napkins?

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

plan on!




your wedding venue, a blank canvas; finale

The finale on how we took a 4H center and transformed it into one of the most romantic wedding receptions, of ever! I can tell you the guests were BLOWN away and mouths dropped when they entered the room (if we only had pictures of that).

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Remember the stage? A fantastic focal point for the cake, and it turned out better than we could of imagined. Natalie wanted a traditional head table so we put her wedding party on the floor in front of the beautiful cake display. Notice the two tall floral trees on either side!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

This photo was taken from the stage looking out towards the guest tables. If you look on the far back wall, that is where we placed the food stations. To cover the roll up door and wall, we draped and uplighted the sheer white fabric. It’s an exact mirror of the draping on the stage!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor


Drape can be cost prohibitive, especially a room this size. So instead we used strategic LED smart lighting around the room. The uplights were beautiful and didn’t draw attention to the sterile walls, instead softly enhancing the overall look. Remember the tulle and twinkle lights? Well now with all of the other modern lightening effects, it doesn’t look so outdated!

The next three photos were taken by Equinox Wedding Photography.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

I ask you, do you think you’re in a community center?

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

What total awesomeness of the staged wedding cake and the custom gobo light on the “dance floor”. Custom gobos are really easy to have made and add so much to your event!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

The happy couple, Roddy + Natalie.

What can we say? We started setting up on Thursday for this event and broke down on Sunday. It was a long process but so worth it. It turned out to be one the most memorable weddings in 2008. It was an added bonus that Natalie and Tonya were so awesome to work with, and fun!

Hope you enjoyed the transformation, let us know if you are having to work with a challenging space!