celebrating ten years to the #pfeblog

celebrating 10 year blog anniversary, to us …

Thank you to everyone that has read our blog for the past ten years, it’s our anniversary of my FIRST blog post!

Blogging isn’t like what it used to be. With Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more … people are looking for the instant gratification. (You can follow me on all of those social mediums!)

However, the cool thing about blogging is that the info is archival and accessible for years thanks to Google and the Internets. I STILL get random emails from people who will thank me for writing a post a few years ago and my direct, straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to planning events and sharing advice.

So with that, I will raise my cup of coffee (what I’m presently drinking) and cheer all of you for reading! Thank you, and would love for you to leave a comment!


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plan on!

happy 15th wedding anniversary…to us!

That’s right….today is my 15th wedding anniversary. Fourth of July and he’ll never forget the date! We are planning a huge BBQ and party with friends…..stop by our river camp for a drink!

Happy Anniversary babe, here’s to 15 more…..