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did you read about the parents of the bride who wanted a guest to pay for an adult meal?

Recently I came across this article circulating on the internets and I’m hoping this is fake news. BUT, I will tell you there are lots of horror stories out there. Thank goodness, none of my clients act like this. But, this is a teaching moment. Read this article, and I will break this down for you, if you aren’t privy to understanding catering rules and how they apply to events.

Bride’s parents allegedly demand wedding guest pay for son’s meal choice


  1. Caterers do not allow adult guests to order a child’s plate. Yes, they can make a concession if it is 1 or 2 because of the eating habits of the guests. Some people just do not eat regular meals. The reason for this is so the couple will not try to short-change the caterer by ordering plates of lesser dollar value.
  2. If at a restaurant, typically the children’s menu is 12 years of age and younger, sometimes 10 years old. It is unreasonable to suggest that a 16-year-old would eat a smaller, less substant meal at a formal event. Or even at a restaurant.
  3.  Many caterers will portion and cook ONLY what the client has given them as total meals. They have to watch their costs carefully and not have an overage, which is wasted (well the staff may eat it — but that’s not making them money). Overage will happen when there is a buffet, but it is not by much.
  4. I think we can ALL AGREE that this move by the bride’s parents, after the wedding was rude. And I wonder what happened to upset them so much? Usually, there is some other underlying cause.A chicken entree would cost $23-$30. It will almost always be the less expensive entree when compared to a fish or beef option. What did they expect the guest to do, pay the difference between the cost of the children’s meal and the adult chicken? If you cannot afford to have a plated meal, then don’t do so. Period. Would you charge a guest in your home if they didn’t eat their entire dinner?

What do you say?

Caterers, do you want to weigh in on your practices?

plan on!

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