why it sucks to be Scheana’s wedding coordinator on Vanderpump Rules, part one

This blog post is part 1 of 3

To be clear, WE were not Scheana Marie’s wedding planner featured on a wedding episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Now in order to understand this three-part post, you need to know just a little of Vanderpump Rules (a reality TV show on Bravo network) and more knowledge of how to act like a gracious and happy human being. Both ideas are not mutually exclusive of each other.

A wedding planner friend alerted me to this episode. You see, while I love all things Bravo, I quit watching the drama-filled kids on VR. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Also, being a native from Southern California, their fake accents drive me crazy. Yes, they all talk with a whiny, grating, entitled sound in their voice. Anyhoo, I watched this episode with the mute button in hand and the fast forward to the good parts.

Scheana and Shay (both reality TV peeps) on VR were to tie the knot, supposedly on their own dime and enlisted the assistance of a wedding coordinator, Danielle. I’m not going to put her business name in here, because frankly, I feel very sorry for her. On air, Scheana told us that she got a really good deal for her, because she already knew exactly everything she wanted.

Translation: this was a month of coordination service and this bride is not going to listen to any suggestions.

Fast forward to the juicy parts.

Apparently the wedding started 20-30 minutes late. The boys were taking their sweet time getting downstairs. Wait, the groom, Shay, was ready. It was one of the groomsman (a VP regular, whose name I already forgot) was styling his hair. <slowly shaking my head>

Behind the scenes things got a little heated. Trying to get the groomsmen to get going into place is like herding cats, but Danielle (the wedding coordinator) was on it. Scheana helped her by barking at her while hiding in a utility closet so Shay wouldn’t see her.

Unfortunately, no wedding coordinator can force any wedding party to move quickly. You can tell them “GET IN PLACE”. And they can choose to move at their own pace. We’ve been there, done that.

Okay, I have more to vent about this episode, but this blog post is getting long, stay tuned for Part Two.

plan on!

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