when life hands you lemons …

… squeeze ’em, add some vodka and voila! Wait. that’s not right.

You’ve heard the saying …


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.


Check out these two wedding, real-life stories of people in adversity rose above and helped out others or family members.

lemonade case study number one:

When the Fowler family’s daughter’s wedding was called off 40 days before the big day, they were faced with an decision. Lose all the money, deposits they have made towards the catering and venue, or make some lemonade.

They contacted a local charity, Hosea Feed the Hungry and had a catered party for anyone who could attend. The focus was off the daughter and she was able to do something constructive in her sadness. Now they are trying to plan a second and even larger event next year. Kinda cool, huh?


lemonade case study number two:

A mother with three daughters, who are all engaged, and is dying of lung cancer. The three daughters collaborate together to move up their dates and have a triple wedding so their mother can see them. Very generous to share your day and spotlight with your sisters for your mom. Update: Mom died 12 hours after the wedding. Sad, but I bet she was so happy.

featured photo credit: jordan barclay

Do you have any cool stories to share?

plan on! 


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