wedding gifts for your groomsmen

On Monday we talked about getting gifts for your parents, so today we’ll talk about gifts for the groomsmen. Let’s face it, women are easy to buy for. Really. Monogrammed bag, jewelry, makeup, whatever … we are good to go.

best tip for groomsmen gifts:

Really think about your guys. Get something they would like and use. So many gifts end up in the back of the closet, collecting dust. Be creative and different, but keep it simple. For instance …


This is a key chain, yes. But also a bottle opener. And let’s face it, your guys need to quit trying to twist off their import beers. This set can be purchased here: Set of 2 GROOMSMEN GIFTS Personalized Keychain Bottle by poptag.


This is one of our grooms and his groomsmen. Chuck Taylors or any kind of shoe really (one groom bought Air Jordan’s for each of his groomsmen #baller) is a good idea. Because rental shoes suck and hurt your feet.

Are you having a challenge finding a good gift? If so, contact us, we’ll see if we can give you some ideas. staff (at)

featured photo credit: jesse and gena

plan on!

followup on story:

Please check out this sweet little groomsmen gift that was sent to us for review from  We think it’s a great option to the usual beer mug!  And you can personalize it with your groomsmen initials. The piece was of excellent quality. Check out the their website for other groomsmen gift ideas! Disclaimer: we did not pay for this product, it was a gift. But we loved it!



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