wedding cake fail …

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Here is 2,000 for you:



Yes, this really happened. It was a summer wedding and a 120 heat index. Unfortunately oppressive weather conditions can affect everything. Flowers, people, and … well, your wedding cake.

The humidity simply wore down the sugar, flour and icing. It was a first for us. Ten years and we have never had a cake actually fall on the floor.

Couple of hints for hot weather and wedding cakes:

  1. Always go with a professional cake baker/designer. (This hint is steadfast, no matter what the weather is)
  2. Do not select any fillings inside the cake.
  3. Talk to your cake baker, get his/her input if the cake you chose will withstand the high humidity and heat. Listen to their advice.
  4. Do they have the proper transportation to get the cake to the reception? (if they are professional, they should)

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding or event and as the planners, we were grateful this happened while the guests were at the ceremony. We had everything cleaned up and served the groom’s cake and desserts !!

plan on!


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