snapshots of real love, until valentine’s day (part 2)

So here is part two of the series of how I have been capturing real love with my family. Every day. Until Valentine’s Day. If you’re late, here are days 1-7.

Day 8:

Love baked into yummy goodness. Whipped these up the other night to share with family and friends I love!


Day 9:

Today, Love looked like my sweet 6 year old. He’s such a joyful child. His eyes light up when he smiles. He’s one of the great loves of my life. (Happy Birthday Buddy!)


Day 10:

Date night! It’s so good for us to keep ‘dating’ each other. Whether it’s an inexpensive idea from my V-day date cup craft or a night out, time together is important!


Day 11:

Words of Affirmation are one of my hubbs high scoring Love Languages….so I keep dry erase markers handy and text often! Show your Love how much you respect and appreciate all they do for you and your family…in OR outside the home (or both!)


Day 12:

As parents of young children, it can be difficult to find/make time for alone ‘mommy-daddy’ time. Many years ago we instituted the use of a lava lamp as our “bat-signal”. I’ll leave your imagination to what it means….but just remember that sometimes you have to be intentional—or it just doesn’t happen. 🙂
























Day 13:

1Corinthians 13:4-13
On Sunday our Pastor challenged us to replace the word “Love” with our name in these verses. Ouch….I’m not always all these things. Love is always in my heart, but sometimes it’s overshadowed and my actions are not patient or kind, they are frustrated and sharp. Look to the Word of God for the ultimate and final definition of LOVE.












Tomorrow … the finale!!!


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