snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 1)

Hi everyone! It’s Karen here, event engineer and long-time pfe team member. I am running this series on my personal Facebook page and thought I would share with all you lovelies.

Since February 1st, I’ve taken a snapshot a day that shows what real love is. Every day, until Valentine’s Day. Let’s catch up…

Day 1:

Coupons my kids made for me and tucked into the coupon holder. Love them!

snapshot 1

Day 2:

Encouragement left in the gym today for me from my boys. Harrison, 5 (on the left) says “You are awesome”. Wilson, 7, says “Work it a little bit more today”. How awesome and funny is that!!!


Day 3:

“Date night” with my oldest after church today. He was so sweet and gentlemanly. When they seated us at the 2 person table (with seats facing each other) he asked the waitress if it was ok if he moved a chair to sit next to me. He told our waitress when we were ready for our check, left a tip with his own money, and opened/closed my car door for me….a sweet afternoon of 1 on 1 time. He’s growing up so fast!!!


Day 4:

Love is supportive and sacrificial not only to family, but to friends when they are under attack. And a little humor along the way helps too. 🙂


Day 5:

I ♥ You socks, given to me by a precious and dependable friend. Small gesture….big impact.


Day 6:

Love Letters from my hubbs. We spent nearly 2 years apart when we were dating/engaged in different places finishing our education. And we wrote letters to each other. Every. Single. Day. So we both got one in the mail every day except Sunday and Tuesday. Many say the same thing: I love you, miss you, can’t wait to see you etc…..but each one is precious. Have you ever written your love a Love Letter….?


Day 7:

Lunchbox notes for the boys. Kids don’t always understand that our actions equal love….be sure you tell them! Our kids like the notes a lot…and don’t let us throw them away….we just keep taping over them until it won’t hold …and thin it out. 🙂


Tomorrow we’ll show Days 8-13.

What are you doing this month to celebrate LOVE?


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