happy holidays everyone!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous December! Tis the season to be crazy and of course, my family is no different. While we have a few holiday parties and meetings with potential clients, we tend to wind down for a few weeks before the end of the year. Instead of resting, I decided to repaint the house. All cosmetic stuff, but definitely time consuming. These projects have been on my list for YEARS and since the end of the world is next week, I like my house to have a facelift.

I’m sugar plum crazy.

Can I just tell you, that I can assit people to choose wedding colors in like five minutes and feel totally confident. But choosing paint for my own walls is an exhausting experience. My friends would appreciate me to stop texting and calling them about the different shades of gray (not to be confused about the 50 Shades of Gray, still haven’t read one of those books).

We have our custom planning…forever events holiday card and would love to send one to you! Drop us a comment or email to be sure you are on the list.

ps. And for a little laugh, be sure to check out an oldie, but goodie, blog post: Ten Reasons Why Santa Sucks.

pss. I just got schooled on Facebook what the Elf on the Shelf was all about. Personally it’s just another reason to buy another toy and fabricated a story for your child, but I don’t want to be a total kill joy. Although there is a great and funny blog post about this little dude.

photo credit: my iPhone, so back off copyright lawyers

plan on!



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