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let’s meet kerry, assistant event engineer

Here’s more of the team:

Please meet the lovely Kerry Devine. Kerry is a very persistent lady. She has been in contact with me applying for internships and other capacities (you’ll have to ask her what the “other” is) and then finally being accepted as an intern. Within one wedding, I could already see that she was going to be above average.

So after a year of being thrown into very diverse weddings and events, I’m pleased to announce that she has been promoted to assistant event engineer with the planning…forever events team. She will soon be directing her own weddings!

Kerry was the best business decision I’ve made in awhile. She always has a smile and spring to her step. She can pack 14 large bridesmaid’s totes up a flight of stairs (with a smile). She jumps in and never complains. I wish I had 10 of her. Anyway, here’s Kerry…. you’ll want to get to know her…

photo: third generation photography

what aspects of your job are your favorite?

KD: I love being a part of the behind the scenes events with the family of the bride and groom, as well as the couple and their attendants. The FUN stuff happens in the hallways waiting to walk down the aisle, dressing rooms getting ready, and trying to figure out how to bustle a dress. It is a joy to be a part of an important day in such an intimate fashion!

what’s the one piece of advice you would give a bride and groom?

KD: Enjoy your day! If something goes wrong (if it does we WILL handle it), don’t stress. What matters most is you are getting married!

what’s the biggest misconception about wedding planners?

KD: It’s HARD work and LONG hours! We LOVE it that’s why you see our smiles, but if we looked like we felt sometimes (imagine Cinderella pre fairy god mother) you wouldn’t hire us. But that’s why you do, so you can “be a guest at your own wedding!” 😉  (CAN YOU SEE WHY I LOVE HER???)

if you weren’t a wedding planner, what other wedding vendor would you like to be and why?

KD: A photographer! All the photographers we have worked with continue to blow me away at the images they capture! Pictures are a way people relive memories, and photographers give them those moments.

what’s one of your favorite moments at one of our weddings?

KD: We did an outdoor wedding at the Roofless Church in New Harmony, Indiana and after being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Parma the couple did the jig down the isle to a blue grass band! It was so cute and truly showed the surprised guests their personality!

what wedding trend would you like to see go away?

KD: Dollar dances. I had never heard of this until I moved here, but I’m not a fan. I have fallen in love with the “Rocky Top” at weddings!

what is your favorite, personal weakness?

KD: Candy! I love chewy candy, and I have a snack drawer in my desk. ha!

what’s the one piece of advice that you would give someone wanting to get into the wedding planning industry?

KD: Doing your little sister’s wedding is not the same as doing a clients wedding, so be organized, professional, be available,  and GET SOME COMFY SHOES!

Thanks Kerry! Love having you on the team!

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