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let’s meet karen, associate event engineer

We’ve been so busy planning weddings and corporate events in 2010, we had to STOP and take a moment to introduce you to our team members.

Some of you brides know Karen Debes Gorman. She’s an associate event engineer with the planning…forever events team and has been a lead planner for many of our weddings. Honestly, she is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known while always keeping a pleasant disposition and even keel. Being married for 13 years and chasing her two boys around is great hands-on experience for managing hyped up groomsmen! She’s been on the team for over six years and she is our “voice of reason”.

Let’s get to know her….

photo: third generation photography

what aspects of your job are your favorite?

KG: I love being one step ahead of the bride, groom and their family, and meeting their needs before they even know they have them. At one particular wedding reception, there was an absolute crush of people to the bar, the MOB (mother of bride) couldn’t get through, and I overheard her tell a guest, “I sure could use a glass of water”. While she was still trying to make her way through to the bar (and getting stopped by all the guests) I zipped around, got a glass of water for her, and had it in her hand within 30 seconds. The look of appreciation was priceless.

what’s the one piece of advice you would give a bride and groom?

KG: It’s no secret that on our team, I’m “Miss Practicality”. I’m all for glam, glitz and fabulousness on your wedding day. What I’m not for is coming home from a honeymoon up to your eyeballs in debt. So, my advice is, plan the best wedding you can within your budget…odds are, it will match your style and make you more comfortable all around.

what’s the biggest misconception about wedding planners?

KG: That people hire us for the Bride. The reality is, we’re way more valuable to the MOB the day of the wedding than the Bride.  How many MOB’s do you know that never sat down or talked to a guest at the reception because all she did was run the show? That doesn’t happen on my watch!

if you weren’t a wedding planner, what other wedding vendor would you like to be and why?

KG: Cake Designer. It enlists all the senses; it smells divine, it’s beautiful to look at (and the centerpiece of many receptions). It’s tastes wonderful. Ok, maybe not all the senses…I’ve never heard one make noise. But let’s face it,  It’s just plain yummyness.

what’s one of your favorite moments at one of our weddings?

KG: While standing in the back of church with the Bride and her father before her grand entrance, he was telling her all the dad stuff (you’re beautiful, my girl etc) then he said: “Got yourself some falsie lashes on today, eh?” Gotta love dads!  🙂

what wedding trend would you like to see go away?

KG: Disposable cameras on the tables at receptions. What a waste of money, especially in the all-digital era (see…Miss Practicality speaking here)

what is your favorite, personal weakness?

KG: Diet Coke. Seriously. I drink too much of it, but I just love it.

what’s the one piece of advice that you would give someone wanting to get into the wedding planning industry?

KG: Embrace your Type A Personality….it’s very helpful in this business.

Thanks Karen! Love having you on the team!

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