make a grand entrance to your wedding

Getting introduced into your wedding reception is a tradition that we LOVE to keep. It’s obvious you both are the guests of honor and it’s proper to make that recognition.

Here’s a couple of ideas:

  1. Let your wedding party go into the reception and start the party. Only you and your groom will be introduced into the wedding reception. It’s quick, clean and easy.
  2. Consider being introduced about half way into your cocktail party. Why miss all the fun?
  3. Make a real splash and do something fun and funky (but safe too). Like our clients Amanda and Brian. They had a super fun wedding party that were doing impromptu dancing and lots of fun antics. Amanda turned to my intern, Aubree, and asked, “What should we do?” Aubree suggested that Brian put Amanda on his shoulder….before the next beat, up she went!

amanda monarch and brian woods grand entrance wedding

photo credit: walker studio
feature image photo credit: studio b

What a fabulous entrance that made a great photo and the audience totally whooped it up!

So how will you enter your wedding reception?

plan on!


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