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unique engagement sessions…

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways you can really get to know your photographer(s). Instead of heading out in jeans and a shirt to the local park, why not think of something really creative?

Take a look at these fabulous photos (and there are tons more) taken by Robert and Kathleen Photographers who are located in Connecticut. Their subjects are Candice & Michael. Just so happens I know Candice who is owner of Jubilee Events, having met her personally and enjoy getting to know her better online. What fun it has been watching her run a wedding planning business and planning her own wedding.

Her engagement shots blew me away. Not only the photographers’ artistry, but the sheer orginiality and class (which is totally her). Take a peek and be sure to click off to Robert and Kathleen’s website for more.



Here are few tips to help your creative juices for your engagement photos:

  1. Look at photographer’s blogs (on a national level) to get some ideas.
  2. Talk to your fiance/fiancee and discuss what you really like to do and incorporate your hobby into your engagement photo session.
  3. Take a cue from Candice, who scheduled her engagement session on the same day that she did a trial run for her hair and makeup. Genius!
  4. Bring lots of changes of clothes.
  5. Talk to your photographer and let them know what you are thinking…they may have some ideas to share that you would have never thought about.


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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Great post, Saundra! Wish more people would look at their engagement session in a less traditional way and more of an opportunity to have fun and show who they are.

  2. Amanda Galloway
    Amanda Galloway says:

    I have to say I disagree with scheduling your engagement session on the same day the salon does a trial run for your wedding day. Do you really want your hair to look exactly the same? I feel engagement sessions should look how you normally look, but just spruced up while your wedding day gets a little extra “glamour”. This especially applies if you’re getting an elaborate updo. This particular case though was, imo, an exception because she wore her her down. I love how you said to photograph them doing a hobby and in their environments of interest. This is something I like to tell my customers as well. Great content!

  3. Amanda Galloway
    Amanda Galloway says:

    Saundra, that sure would be a funny site! Maybe we should just for fun post some like that but wearing sweat pants as a contrast. LOL (Seriously kidding I think) Have a great vacation btw!


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