happy memorial day!

We have a fabulous wedding in Jasper, Indiana (Jenny Nicholson + Adam Martindale) so our team is heading over today for setup and then will be there almost all day Saturday. Then on Sunday is Intern Aubree’s graduation party, which of course we are decorating. Perhaps on Monday, I will finally get to rest.

However, it is Memorial Day weekend and we wanted to remind you to spend time with your family and friends. While you are doing that, please take a moment to remember our military service of men and women. I have a cousin, who is now a Corporal General in the Army, and is over in Iraq for his third tour. He has a lovely wife and two kids. We think of him often and all the other brave soldiers that do, what they do.

It doesn’t matter your political thoughts or beliefs, please take a moment to remember all of them.

safe holiday!



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