reasons why a girl should propose to a guy

In five short days, it will be Valentine’s Day.

The universal day of love. We know that many of you will be getting engaged that day or weekend.

And if you aren’t getting proposed to this weekend, then why not? Are you waiting for him to ask? Perhaps, YOU should do the asking!

Let’s think it through:

  1. It’s 2009 for goodness sake. Think of how many women just 50 years ago would have loved the opportunity to feel so liberated?
  2. Do you really have the patience to wait for him to pop the question?
  3. It would certainly be a surprise.
  4. You’re a strong woman with an education and career; you make everything else happen….why not in your private life?
  5. You’ll find out just how he really feels about “the equality issue” by his reaction.
  6. To not entirely emasculate him, propose in private and not in front of all his friends and family.

Actually, I’m surprised this isn’t a hot trend!

Important Question: if a girl asks the guy to marry, then who buys the engagement ring?

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plan on!



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  1. Globetrotting Bride
    Globetrotting Bride says:

    Great post! This definitely doesn’t happen too often but I do know one couple where she proposed to him with a Tiffany yo-yo! Then he bought her a ring.

  2. Mrs. Sheriff
    Mrs. Sheriff says:

    It’s a great thought and I have to be honest before I got engaged a friend asked me why don’t I ask him. I guess I’m a little old fashion and I was afraid that maybe he felt like he wasn’t ready, so I did it the old fashion way and just waited. I think it would be neat to hear of a women asking her spouse to marry her instead of the other way around. But would it make him feel less of a man???


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