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what a week…

No blogging this week, cause it’s been a doozy! Here’s what we had going on…

birthday bash

Last weekend a birthday party extravaganza for none other than yours truly. It was a landmark birthday for me and I wanted to celebrate it with close friends and family. The evening started out with a limo picking up my husband and Boy Wonder at the house. We used my one of my favorite limo companies, SUV Limo (always on time and clean). Then we picked up my friends and headed out to Acropolis for a VIP dinner who served us too many courses to even count. After my parents and Boy Wonder left, we headed out on a night on the town. There was a lot of fun to be had and everyone was safe!

Thank you to all my twitter friends and facebook friends for the birthday wishes!!!

corporate summit event

This past Wednesday, November 19 to Friday November 21st we successfully implemented the Regional Economic Summit (a three state, 26-county region event). This event was a culmination of over a year of planning with a professional steering committee, (Jim McKinney, Regency Properties; Bix Branson, Old National Bank; Mary Heitzig, Richland County, Illinois Development Corporation; Nick Brake, Greater Owensboro Kentucky Economic Development Corporation’ Greg Wathen, Southwestern Indiana Economic Development Coalition; Matt Meadors, Chamber of Commerce of SW Indiana; Kevin T. Sheilley, Northwest Kentucky Forward; Jim Wittman, Regency Properties (Chair of the Economic Outlook Luncheon); and Lori Stamm, Regency Properties).

This two-day event proved to be incredibly successful and while it took a lot of time to plan and produce; it was worth it.

This week the wedding blog will be back, in full force, to discuss a wedding tradition that continues to be a controversial debate among brides, family and vendors. EVERYONE has an opinion on this tradition and some will have very strong feelings. You’ll want to come back…

plan on!


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