who pays for rehearsal dinner?

Still talking about your wedding rehearsal dinner….

so who pays for this shin-dig?

Most of you already know that traditionally, it is the groom’s parents that takes care of rehearsal dinner. We see that this is still pretty usual. If you have a clear vision on how you would like your dinner to flow, then you’ll want to have an open discussion with the groom’s folks.

Because technically, if they are hosting, it can be their choice of venue, food, bar needs, and decor. You’ll want to discuss finances up front so if you have certain ideas that you want to add, you may be picking up that portion of the bill.

true story:

We had a client who received $x,xxx from the groom’s parents as a gift for their wedding fund. The groom and bride applied that money towards the overall wedding budget and allocated the funds. A month before the wedding, the groom’s mother asked for a portion of the money (of the “gift”) because she had intended all along to use it for the wedding rehearsal. She had a clear vision of the decorations, food, bar, favors….all for the dinner, but didn’t communicate that to the bride. Lesson learned: Always clarify when you receive a gift of money for your wedding.

More wedding rehearsal stuff tomorrow!

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plan on!


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