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There are very few people you meet that seem to strike a note inside you. Their energy, positivity and overall charisma shines through from every pore of their body. You want to talk to them. You want to be around them.

Enter Aletha Vandermaas from pearls events. Want to know the catch, my savvy readers? I’ve never actually met her in person. Only through email, twittering, and reading her blog. I’ve never seen a more upbeat person! The lady never has a bad day. And it shines through in her blog….

Aletha discovers the most darling finds and her abundant energy shines through. She’s young to the planning world, but I can see why her calendar fills up quickly. She’s an asset to her clients her readers and to other planners.

And she’s a neighbor, well, Michigan…closer than most! (Midwestern planners need to stick together.)  Take a moment to visit pearls events blog, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. ksenija savic
    ksenija savic says:

    Aletha deserves all this praise & more! i absolutely adore her & i yet our contact has solely been through email, blogging & twitter! her optimistic ways, ideas & thoughts are exactly what this industry needs. 😀


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