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featured blog: sparkliatti by sasha souza

If you haven’t heard of Sasha Souza, then you don’t watch TV nor read the by-lines in the wedding magazines. She’s an event planner to the “Stars” (has a nice ring to it, no?) and has been quite successful with her event planning career. But that’s not why I read her blog.

You may be thinking I’m doing some brown-nosing by featuring her blog. Uh, no. The fact is I had the pleasure of meeting Sasha at a previous event conference. I found her down-to-earth, blunt and is from California (sound like someone you know?). Aside from the fact that she likes to wear 4-inch heels and I prefer Chuck Taylors, we have a few characteristics that are similar. Read her blog and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Straight, direct and a dash of sarcasm. Absolutely adore it.

Check out her blog, Sparkliatti by Sasha Souza.

She had a great post recently about feeding vendors, and has many more inspirations! Keep up the great work Sasha and we’ll keep reading.

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