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I love my designer, Ryan from Visual Rush. He creates our event studio’s “look”. Website, brochures, business cards…..everything.

Last week he decided on his own to upload some of my TV segments to For those that don’t know, I have been blessed with the opportunity for the past two years to be on AM Evansville Fox 7 morning show, as the Fox 7 Wedding Planner. We produce the segment (meaning the content) and I go on live every Wednesday morning at 6:25am. Yes. LIVE. You get used to it.

So if you have missed some of the latest segments, you can watch them right here or online at Fox 7. You also might want to take a moment to check out Earth Friendly Weddings blog. I recently showed Jen’s beautiful invitation creations.

We are always looking for content for the show, so please, if you think of something….add a comment or email us staff {at}


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