how to wear your mother’s wedding dress

It’s the dreaded question that you don’t want to hear from your mother before your wedding. Especially when you are the only girl in the family. “Will you wear my wedding dress”? asks your mom.


You know you want to make her happy and certainly don’t want to hurt her feelings, but come ‘on….every girl wants to pick out their own dress!

My bride this weekend, came up with a solution. It is a freakin’ brilliant idea and I don’t know why I (after 5 years of planning weddings) haven’t thought of it sooner.

wear your mother’s dress to your REHEARSAL!

Jessica Mills’ mother, Vicki, wanted to see her wedding dress on her daughter and watch “it” walk down the aisle at least one time! So Jessica wore it to the rehearsal (of course she changed later before the rehearsal dinner). It was so much fun to see an old fashioned (sorry Vicki) dress on a beautiful young lady. And Jessica’s wedding party  thought it was so much fun!

Jessica in her Mom's wedding dress

Jessica in her Mom’s wedding dress

Jessica is sweet and sassy in Vicki's dress!

Jessica is sweet and sassy in Vicki’s dress!

And here is another crazy idea….

take a formal photo shoot..

Call your photographer for a formal wedding shoot. Or when you are taking your engagement photos, slip on your Mom’s wedding dress and have a few professional shots taken. Give it to your Mom as a wedding present.

I love fun ideas that can make everyone happy.

plan on!

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    This is a great idea, it sounds as though the wedding rehearsal is almost a full wedding celebration 🙂

    Here in the UK it’s usually just 20 minutes in the church the week before the main ceremony – at least it was when I got married.


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