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wrap-up friday

Okay. So quit with the emails about the cake post. I know. We have been BUSY!!! Here are a few wrap-up items to discuss:

1. Local photographer has a blog, Vickers Photography, run by Matt Vickers. I won’t lie, I was excited to see another local wedding vendor get on the blog band wagon. He is also trying to catch my own geekness by twittering, you can follow him here.

2. Speaking of twittering, thanks to all of our followers, we are up to 174!! And of course there are the ones that follow but don’t join themselves, right Sarah McDonald?

3. Won an award this week (toot, toot). It’s a presitigous one for this area. The local media Evansville Courier & Press hosts Reader’s Choice Awards. It’s a “blank” ballot and everyone has to fill out their top three faves in multiple categories.

Well guess who won a Gold Award?

WE did!!! Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who voted! We have worked so hard the past five years and can’t believe soon it will be six. Sideline: A picture of my husband and I made the Sunday newspaper at the award banquet, we were sitting with Stacy and Andrea Walker, of Walker Studios. They won a Gold Award too!

Congratulations to everyone else who won as well!

4. We have lots of good photos coming up of real weddings and of course the successful Holly’s House Gala. You’ll love some of the events we’ll show!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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