embrace life!

I’m feeling inspirational today, my niece is here with me from Cali. She is my baby. The daughter I never wanted. I was actually there in the room when she was born almost 20 years ago. She gets to be with me for the next three weeks….interning.

I just thought I would post a picture of her at the beach. Look at her zest for life ….. we should all remember how we felt when we were young, our whole lives in front of us……

embrace life

Live everyday as if it were your last. Today make it your mission to be kind to someone who isn’t nice to you. Look for an opportunity to pay it forward! Laugh!!! Dance!!! and Take Risks!!!

(this post is dedicated to my lovely niece, Sharon…)



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  1. saundra
    saundra says:

    Thank you!!!! You have been instrumental to my successes and always there to cheer me on. I appreciate you as well!!!

    [we’re kinda sappy this week, time to break out the rules?]

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    What a great picture! And what a great message too! You are so right Saundra – it’s so important to stop and take time to actually live life, rather than watch it go by!


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