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Green Monday here at planning…forever events and I have noticed a huge green movement everywhere I go! YEAH!

Real, everyday products are coming out with ways to promote environmentally friendly usage.

This week’s find:

campbell soup green earth day can

campbell soup green earth day can closeup

Out grocery shopping I stopped in my tracks when I saw a GREEN can for Campbell’s Soup promoting upcoming Earth Day (prepare for it April 22, 2008) .

A smart and timely promotion they are touting their Earth Friendly Soups. For years they have had environmentally friendly packaging with: smaller, lighter cans (condensed soup, just add water), ensuring the use of less metal, less shipping fuel and the use of 100% recyclable packaging.

They estimate that 2.6 million gallons of fuel is saved every year by providing condensed soup (or smaller cans). And they have been doing this for years!

Awesome. And their Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup or Tomato Soup…yum!

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  1. DC
    DC says:

    Maybe late, But Campbells Soup is considered to be one of the many companies that is Greenwashing thier products. Campbells has changed nothing from packaging to prepreation to delivery of the product to make it “green”. Just adding water has always been a part of Campbells soups. The packaging has not changed.

    Cambells soup and it’s Greenwashing was actually a part of a colledge lecture I had 3 weeks ago, by IAMPO. It is us to us to make sure that when a corporation says a product it green, that it truly is. I have been enlightened.


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