green (eco friendly) living: part 7

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Don’t get mad… but I really feel Valentine’s Day was created for Hallmark and florists. Not that it’s not a good idea to stop and tell your significant other that you appreciate them…but it can be just a little too rehearsed.

However…if you are interested in some chocolates or red roses…why not take an organic approach? It’s Green Monday here and we stumbled with our mouse upon

Cute little website; they offer eco-friendly alternatives for your big V Day and offer a way to say, “I love you and the earth too“. Plenty of gift giving ideas (year round). Don’t forget their pet section…..our pets give us the truest form of love there is…absolutely unconditional.

(and if my chocolate lab stops chewing my new curtains…he may get a treat on Thursday).

ps: If you have to get your Valentines Card from a regular store…remember to buy: American Greetings’ new American Greetings to the World line. They use recycled paper.

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  1. Angel
    Angel says:

    This is the first time I’ve particiapted in Valentine’s day in years…normally my guy and I love to do this stuff during the rest of the year, so yeah the pink and red don’t do much for us. This year though, we’re exchanging books…What I Love About You by Kate and David Marshall. We’ve spent the last few months filling them out (it doesn’t really take that long, but we’re kind of slow) and we’ll swap on V-day. I did try my hand at homemade cards though for Weddingbee’s card swap.


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