vendor recap of Super Bride Sunday

I’m still a bit tired….but Super Bride Sunday was really, er SUPER. I’ll be posting the pictures from the booth later today.

Thank you to all the people that stopped by my booth. I was really impressed at how many of you already had been to my website and already subscribe to my blog. Very sweet.

I did make the rounds to the other vendors very quickly before 9am and here is my take on the show:

Head Over Heelz – loved the new layout and staging….really elevated the brides so everyone could see them. Your display was amazing.

Walker Studio Photography – your booth was warm and inviting. I still want to lay down on that comfy rug you brought in. Around 2:30 in the afternoon…it would have made a great napping place for me!

Lynnbrooke Insurance -soon to be my new friends. These insurance girls know what they are doing and if you didn’t stop by to learn about how to take out event insurance….you are crazy. I’ve watched thousands of dollars go down the drain because of impromptu rainstorms.

Routt Photography – did you catch their really cool new way to display photos? Think Andy Warhol…but not as weird. Small squares of acrylic hung together to display a photograph. Aw heck, I can’t explain it well…you’ll have to call the studio and make an appointment.

Integrity Productions/Droste Jewelers – as usual the best media display at Super Bride….very eye catching as you entered the room. Modern and dynamic!

Songbird Entertainment – saw and hugged Larry. They are GOING strong in their new location…you must stop by or better yet, book them!

Dr. Zieg – Sleek, modern, manicured and cool……you brought everyone to you with your gourmet coffee and zebra printed couches. Of course you had the sexiest employees (one particular named Kristin).

Clarion Photography – great display of your work. Very eye catching, creative and fresh! We’ll get together soon to talk!

Equinox Photography – I loved how Jeannie brought in her studio to the show. It was so comfortable and inviting for people. Glad you did great!

Memories by Michelle – the pink/white m&m’s logo…..sweet! Next year…full booth and we’ll help decorate. Loved your new album book…the leather was breathtaking.

Studio B – you’re lucky I didn’t steal borrow your new mac 24 inch screen computer. Always a great display and right up front! Who do YOU know to get such a prime location? *wink*

Straub Photography – glad to have you back in the show. One word for you on the photo book of Kristin Gross wedding: YUM!

Acropolis Banquet Center – if you want good food and lots of it and superior customer service….this is the place to go. Doros and Ellen….love ya! And thank you for bringing me food when we ran out of vendor lunches! You are the BEST!

plan on!


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