the special event show 2008 wedding gallery; part two

A few different looks from the wedding gallery at the special event show. Let’s dive right in….


There was another tree; just as spectacular …. but all together different. More of a beach theme this tree took HOURS to assemble. Real flowers…of course. You can click on flickr to see more of these photos but at the bottom there are shells glued together. There is even one huge shell that is holding water with orchids floating in it. How cool is that?



I really loved this design. They made the hanging centerpiece low and then raised it. You have to look closely at the amount of detail. The coolest thing about this modern table setting was the smart lighting that would change colors throughout the night. Just check out the video. (sorry minor technical difficulties I couldn’t post it here).

Again: For more pictures of the wedding gallery and other displays please visit our slideshow on flickr. If you have an account be sure to add us as a friend!!! More to come…


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