the special event show 2008 wedding gallery; part one

You all know I’ve been in Atlanta (well technically back for 11 days…) to see The Special Event Show. It has been chaos since returning to the office. While I still have so much to do (as business has been great), I took a breathier today to get my pictures up! I’ll randomly pull some shots as we move forward to discuss in detail.

Sally and I were able to actually setup for the Show. We assisted Wilbur & Associates – EventScapes who were contracted to do the “Dahling – Southern display” at the Wedding Gallery. They are a wonderful group…full of creativity and just enough crazy as most artists can be!

For the first time this year, the gallery was sold as a separate event to view. The attendees who went to the Wedding Luncheon also were able to view the gallery. We got into both to share with you the pictures.

There were four different areas at the Wedding Gallery; and you can see how each one has a really different look. Again this is an event for designers to go OVER THE TOP and blow you away as you look at their designs. Logistics, practicality, and price is all thrown out the window. For just a moment; it’s imagination time!



This was Wilbur’s design….the white part has ice crystals that when you add water to them create this shimmery, textured look. They are gross to touch…kinda like slime…but look AWESOME! And who can beat the flower pathway to the chuppah? Gorgeous.



This was the tree they created with silver and bling. I wanted to steal it. But wasn’t sure how to strap it to the top of our car. Notice…these pictures are during setup. The tulle for the skirting completed this a romantic, southern look.



Sumptuous and romantic. Sally made this entire display so I knew I’d have to post/talk about it. The glass holder, callas and flowers is simply unbelievable to see. If you could only smell how great it was in the room…..



There were four custom columns that Wilbur’s team made with bling dripping down from the top. These columns were positioned in the four corners encasing the overall look.

For more pictures of the wedding gallery and other displays please visit our slideshow on flickr. If you have an account be sure to add us as a friend!!! More to come…


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