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Herro….I have so much to update everyone … it’s simply been crazy around here. The team is busy gearing up for so many things that we have a hard time keeping up with New Year’s resolutions like working out. Sheesh.

Stay tune for these upcoming topics;

1. First, Super Bride Sunday 2008 is slated for February 3rd at The Centre Exhibit Hall in Downtown Evansville. This is the largest tri-state bridal show in this area. Will we be there? Oh yes….we’ll be trying to top our booth from last year. I’m flying in architects from New York to help build the structure. (I may jest a little…but you’ll never know unless you show up).

2. Stay tuned for tips on how to work the bridal show; I’ll be talking about it next week on Fox 7 News at 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as our usually morning show, Fox 7 Wedding Planner on Wednesday morning. And of course, here. On the blog.

3. New website coming out. I have typed the letters off my keyboard. But I’m pretty excited about the look and feel…should be unveiled next week?

4. New Press Release will be coming out very soon about a new package we are offering.

5. Finally, we spent SIX DAYS in Atlanta at setting up real weddings and attending The Special Events Show. I have pictures from the coveted Wedding Luncheon and Gallery. I almost filled the 1 gig memory card. And I have a lot to tell you, but honestly the phone has not stopped ringing with new brides and new corporate events (not complaining)….just trying to get this info out of my brain and camera – to YOU!

Put your seatbelt on; it’s going to be interesting!

plan on!


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  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    Wasn’t the Wedding Luncheon fabulous! Plus there were so many wonderful new things on the show floor. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of it. If you get a chance, email me and I’ll fill you in on some of the drama behind the scenes.


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